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TrevorPhillips2998d ago

I'm getting a 3DS just for this and of course other awesome games like pokemon, etc.

qface642998d ago

its not working for me

TrevorPhillips2998d ago

What's not working for you?

qface642998d ago

when i click on the link it doesn't work for me ive been trying for a while now

TrevorPhillips2998d ago

Yea same does it take time to load and it says internet explorer cannot display the webpage?

Bereaver2998d ago

I'm sorry but, I'm a little upset this isn't coming to ps3. I was waiting for this (megaman legends) for a long time. I might end up getting the 3DS, but....... I would much rather see a real HD version of megaman legends..... :( CAPCOM!!!! AHH!!!

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Edward-Kraken2998d ago

Another one for the 3DS?! o_O

Valay2998d ago

Weird that there are two Resident Evil games in development for the 3DS at once. But I don't mind! And I'm pretty surprised about Mega Man Legends 3.

GoldPS32998d ago

I had no plains on getting a 3DS but I might have too. I'm not getting it on day one though.

TheObserver2998d ago (Edited 2998d ago )

MEGAMAN LEGENDS 3?!!!! I am a happy person. I love Megaman Legends. It is like an RPG!

Although... I don't really want to buy a 3DS.

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