Star Wars: The Force Unleashed new screenshots

Star Wars games have notoriously been hit and miss in the past, however the latest offering from LucasArts definitely looks promising.

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CamelBoy3622d ago

these shots have been around for nearly half a year, e.g. here :(

added 8.3. 2007

ALIEN3622d ago (Edited 3622d ago )

Can't wait for this game. Im a big fan of star wars.

ReBurn3622d ago

I have really high hopes for this game. I hope it doesn't disappoint. I was reading in the future release book at Gamestop that this is slated for April 2008. I'm looking forward to it.

lawman11083622d ago

Those are far from new screen shots

akaFullMetal3622d ago

maybe they are old, but look awesome

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