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Submitted by mixticius 1956d ago | article

Gran Turismo 5, Return of the King

it's a summary of all that GT5 will have. incredible ! (PS3)

Joule  +   1956d ago
I approve of this article.
Chubear  +   1956d ago
For some odd reason this Run DMC tune keeps playing over and over in my head when I see GT5
"We down wit the king, we down wit the king!"

@1.2, I've never understood these kinds of comments. It's as if many newage gamers have no clue what GT is.

If you don't enjoy sim then there's an arcade mode so why still talk like it's only sim you can experience on the game?
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deadreckoning666  +   1956d ago
I've never been a big fan of driving simulators. It takes a lot of patience to get into these games and the fun comes after you've learned how to play them. However, I think I might give this game a shot.

@number47- I'll wait for a demo of the final version to come out. If I like it, ill buy it. If not, then ill just wait for Motorstorm: Apocalypse which is something I KNOW I'll enjoy.
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number47  +   1956d ago
Do yourself a favor.
If you haven't touched a sim in the past 10 years, Don't buy it. Just because its pretty & is the most feature laden sim known to man. Maybe rent first?

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MikeGdaGod  +   1956d ago
@ number47
not true....i'm not a big fan of racing games (only ones i've bought this gen are the first Motorstorm and Burnout Paradise) and i've never bought a GT game or played one more than a few minutes.


the pure quality and amount of content in the game is forcing me to purchase the game to see what all the fuss is about. i've never liked racing sims at all, and this might be my one and only, but..........

F*CK IT!!!!!.....DAY 1
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boodybandit  +   1956d ago
Dead get yourself a good wheel
and then see how you feel about sims or racing games in general.
A setup like this takes racers to a whole other level.

Related image(s)
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LordMarius  +   1956d ago
redDevil87  +   1956d ago | Well said
elmaton98  +   1956d ago | Well said
All_4_One  +   1956d ago | Well said
solidjun5  +   1956d ago
CCCCOOOMMMBBBBOOO BREAKER!!!'s been completed. LOL! You all get bubbles.
On topic. Man, i can't wait. When my finals are done, i will be locked in my apt. playing this. I can't wait!! wooooooooo!
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Strikepackage Bravo  +   1956d ago
Absolutely no way
this is a day one purchase. They have been too sketchy with the details, too many unknowns, they fill the net with bullshots and all we see of gameplay is youtube off screen cockpit shots of guys sliding all over the track and into walls like they are driving on ice.

You cant trust the media they are in the bag for Sony and Poly on this one, and you certainly cant trust any of the so called gamers on this site.

The only way to know if this is a buy is to play it yourself. At this point im still not sure, all the content in the world is useless if you cant drive the cars in a straight line.
kerrak  +   1956d ago
I have no doubt you won't be able to drive cars in a straight line. Leave it to us.
Information Minister  +   1955d ago
There's no Xbox 360 version of GT5. That makes it a no buy for you.
drummerx2709  +   1956d ago
That was actually the most informative article on N4G I've seen in a while. Tells you everything you need to know about GT5!
Strikepackage Bravo  +   1956d ago
the only problem is 95% of that stuff is already in Forza III, minus the weather, and time of day. Its all been done, so again im wondering what took 6 years to make.
hm0uzy  +   1955d ago
u must living in fantasy land, where 95 years old lady's look like 19...
just look at the cars n trakx dude.
redDevil87  +   1956d ago
The only way this king will be dethroed is when GT6 comes out.

Developers will try and out do GT but you can't beat the best.
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Fishy Fingers  +   1956d ago
Will there be a way to get images from the photo mode off your PS3? I want my desktop to be my VW Type 1 splitty getting some air on a rally course :)
juniordee  +   1956d ago
You could in GT4 so I don't see why not.
elmaton98  +   1956d ago
this is day one for me,even though ive never been a huge fan of GT, and besides i want to have the best game on the best machine ;)
GoldPS3  +   1956d ago
You better believe it's the KING of all sim racers. For those that disagree, you just jealous.
divideby0  +   1956d ago
I am actually thinking about buyin a racing wheel for this game
jack_burt0n  +   1956d ago
solidjun5  +   1956d ago
I want this so frickin bad!
Elwenil  +   1956d ago
I did.
I ordered a G27 from Amazon last week to use with GT5 when it comes out. The G27 should be here tomorrow and I'll probably give it a test on GT4 to get a feel for it. The prices of the G27 have been fluctuating pretty bad with all the hype for GT5 and Amazon keeps selling out of them. I consider myself lucky to have gotten it for $245 with free shipping.
solidjun5  +   1956d ago
I really want that.
But 250 is fricking hard to spend on this right now. I plunked down 400 for my halo reach bundle and another 250 is tough. But i might just do it. GT5 will take over my life. :-/
LiquifiedArt  +   1956d ago
I have that wheel
I recommend it.
RonRico  +   1956d ago
@divide WTH
What's going on it your avatar pic? LOL
drummerx2709  +   1956d ago
A realistic horse riding game or... Beastality O_o
F4sterTh4nFTL  +   1956d ago
All this for the price of one game is a bargain whether you like Gran Turismo or not.
Def Warrant  +   1956d ago
GT5 is the only racing game i'll need till GT6.
Mista T  +   1956d ago
so do all the cars have cockpit view or not?
nikoado  +   1956d ago
No. Only premium cars have cockpits.

They originally planned on using generic cockpit models for standard cars ,but after a while they realised that these did not meet the level of quality they wanted, so they were dropped.
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tiamat5  +   1956d ago
It's going to sell very well. Europe and Japan alone will send it to the top and the system bundles will bring the PS3 sales closer to closing the gap.It looks like it is worth the wait.
mike008   1956d ago | Spam
horris36  +   1956d ago
I think, until GT5 releases Forza 3 has the throne right now.
elmaton98  +   1956d ago
Hey I was just wondering if there will be a bundle in the US
All_4_One  +   1956d ago
I don`t believe so, unfortunately.
nikoado  +   1956d ago
No word on a bundle for the US yet but the GT5 faceplate may release there via gamestop.
nikoado  +   1956d ago
"Racing endurances/24h - in real time, with day / night cycle and weather

Karting Experience, the flight school AMG, The Stig Challenge, Jeff Gordon NASCAR School, Sebastien Loeb Rally Challenge and Gran Turismo Rally.

Split screen 2 player

Music in-game"

Didn't know about these before.
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PR_FROM_OHIO  +   1956d ago
Hey i'm a GT fan but only having 200 cockpit views out of 1000 cars and 800 of those cars are just upscaled versions from GT4 makes me wonder wtf polyphony digital spent 5 years on??
juniordee  +   1956d ago
Did you read the article? Cause that's what they spent it on. Go troll elsewhere. If you were really a GT fan you wouldn't be so ignorant about GT5.
dirtydbz  +   1956d ago
who wants to bet there will be a cockpit patch before too long ( it would be cool if they made it where we could design a custom cockpit for the 800 some odd cars that won't have them) hint hint
renegade  +   1956d ago
The king is coming back! Screw cheapy forza
W S K  +   1956d ago
jesus christ!!!
the tire smoke and dirt looks SO AWESOME
take a look at the picture where he drives on the Nürburgring GP track with that Audi R8
you could see how the smoke goes OVER the car
(not just in other games)
i could also see an air turbulence as the smoke goes over the car
THIS IS INSANE!!!!!!!!!!!

i am really speechless right now
i know it´s just such a minor thing...
but look how good it´s done
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nefertis  +   1956d ago
gt5 will be sick, I'm looking forward too seeing the X1 car.
jambabie69  +   1956d ago
yea i guess man
have an agree, like i said down there, go karts all the way!!! lol
pisalin0   1956d ago | Spam
jambabie69  +   1956d ago
it can have all the cars it wants too
go karts fuck the world! will be buying because of the go karts alone!!!
chunop   1956d ago | Spam
Britney Spears  +   1956d ago
return of the king
Azianphil88  +   1956d ago
Bow Down To The King

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