Sony Presents Impressive Sales And Growth Figures

Not surprisingly, Sony has kicked off their press conference with updated sales figures and other relevant statistics. These involve both the PS3 and PS2, and just about all these numbers are pretty darn rosy.

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btkadams4080d ago (Edited 4080d ago )

140 million ps3s sold in PAL territories by 2010? thats like two and a half years away. great news but that seems a little bit of a stretch

EDIT: o i see now that it doesnt specifically say 140 mil ps3s, just playstation consoles. that makes a lot more sense. it would be great if they could tell us how many theyve sold now.

drtysouf214080d ago (Edited 4080d ago )

so i think they mean PS2, PS3, and PSP combined.

And i didn't disagree with you by the way.

thereapersson4080d ago (Edited 4080d ago )

Yeah I think they mean Playstation consoles in general. 140 million PS3's would be daft, even for Sony.

I see we have a lurking troll disagreeing with people for no reason

larry0074080d ago

since ps3 is the second most selling console in EU.

the only dead console there is x360 ---which no one buys.

PLAYSTATION brand is massive in EU.

I predict 60m ps3s by 2010 in EU
and 20 m wiis by 2010

ofcourse x360 would be dead last with just 6 m consoles by 2010 there

XxZxX4080d ago (Edited 4080d ago )

I dont see any good number in this article for PS3. So Can't do any trash talking yet.. LOL give me a chart will ya.

DrPirate4080d ago

80 million PS1s

120 million PS2s

25 million PSPs

Approx: 5 million PS3s

230 Million PlayStation consoles around the world.

Target met?

Edit: OHHH PAL Territories, my bad, sorry, I fail at reading :(

thereapersson4080d ago

It was for sales only in PAL regions, as they were directing the comments mainly to the European audience.

Longcry4080d ago

Sony's Playstation 3 will soon or later catch up to their expectations.

USMChardcharger4080d ago (Edited 4080d ago )

you know...i hate to say this needs to slowly stop supporting the ps2.

i know so many sony supporters who are not going to ever buy a ps3 or any other console for that matter as long as they have games for the ps2.

they tell me that they see no reason to get a ps3 when they are perfectly happy with their ps2.

if they stopped support over time...i think they might have a lot more fence sitters jump over.

it is funny that sony is in some ways competing against itself...not to mention the huge install base of the Wii and 360.

just my thought...not that what i think is true.

edit: i might add that it must be hard for them to ignore the install base of the ps2...this has to be something they are looking at.

larry0074080d ago

PS2 outsells x360 10:1 in JAPAN

Ps2 outsells x360 5:1 in EU and by 100k in NA

MS needs to stop making defective x360 alltogether.

No sony supporter would ever buy an x360.

Huge install base?????????????????????????? ??????????????

Ps3 has sold around 6m consoles till date

x360 has only sold 10.4 million consoles till date despite having a 1 year headstart

SHUT the f*** up u BOT

ps3 is trailing both x360 and wii by just 4 million units

UR GARBAGE BOX 360 will never be able to beat ps3 in any territory


BulletToothtony4080d ago

on the other hand.. the ps2s are still selling.. meaning people still want them.. and i think that sometime next year they probably will stop..

but then on the other hand when you have a 120 million based plattform.. and you make a good game you cash in millions... and like it or not businesses like money.. so even thou the time will come for our precious ps3s to shine, i don't mind sony make a few extra mills if not billions in order to support the ps3 a lot more in the long run

thereapersson4080d ago (Edited 4080d ago )

Why are you attacking him? He didn't say anything negative about the PS3 itself, just that the PS2 is a sort of double edged sword for Sony. And it's true too because there are many people who are still buying the PS2 because it's cheaper and still has lots of current game support. The PS3 can do 95% of everything the PS2 can, so why continue to make it? It's just causing people to get distracted from making the jump to the next console.

I guess rabid fanboyism knows no rationality though...

edit: I agree, BulletToothTony

SmokeyMcBear4080d ago

patience.. all you need is patience. Look at it this way, as long as sony is supporting ps2 content, they are building more and more confidence with consumers about their dedication to their consoles. As long as people are still buying ps2's, its bringing in lots of money for sony. If ps2 owners can still buy new content for their system for another year or 2, thats a 9 year life span right there. Which console do you think they are going to jump into after that? Sony is going to keep coming with the new and innovative stuff for ps3. They are not forcing you to upgrade your system, something M$ did when they abandoned the xbox. How's that for choice?

Ri0tSquad4080d ago

But I bet you that those ps2 owners have plans on purchasing a ps3 sooner or later just not now.

segasage4080d ago (Edited 4080d ago )

Larry you Sony D$%k Ryda STFU, will you.

Ri0tSquad - and how do you know by the time they might be ready to purchase, other competition might be readily available and much much cheaper. Just cause your a PS2 owner, everyone seems to think you will not own no other consoles or jump ship.

Nobody knows..thats why it will not be like last GEN.

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