What Went Wrong Between EA and Basketball?

With yesterday's somewhat surprising news of NBA Elite 11 being indefinitely delayed by EA Sports within a week of release, I think now's as good a time as any to look back on the always troubled marriage of EA Sports and NBA basketball. While 2K Sports has seemingly had no trouble redefining and retuning their NBA series, EA always seemed to make the wrong decisions at the wrong times. So what really went wrong and what separated the two franchises.

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NYC_Gamer2970d ago (Edited 2970d ago )

2k came out and exposed lives awful gameplay

Ghost-Face2970d ago

This year absolutely, I don't know what the hell they were thinking. Live 10 on the other hand was a solid game, EA should've built around it.

StanRaimondi2969d ago

Agreed they should have built from live 10. because if the final game is like the demo then man are they in trouble.

GiantJedi2969d ago

I'm not a big basketball fan but this is what gaming needs! competition!

Without it we get games like Madden.

QSPR2969d ago

games was the best... I remeber the first 2K games, NBA2K, NFL2K, NHL2K and Virtua Tennis on my beautiful Sega Dreamcast. OMG I was Shock by the graphics,gameplay and playbooks!! after that I STOP buying EA sport games cuz always was the same s*** over and over,no improve gameplay,no innovation, no FUN!

Crystallis2969d ago

"2k came out and exposed lives awful gameplay"

You hit it right on the nail. Just think if EA didnt have the exclusive NFL license, you"d see a new football king in town.

GiantJedi2969d ago

yeah EA took the pussy way out and bought the license.

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Smootherkuzz2969d ago

2K10 runs rings around EA's Elite 11

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FF7numbaone2969d ago

The demo for elite was horrible

drdre742969d ago

its called Karma. EA needed this ass whooping. EA would be under if 2K was able to keep making NFL games. 2K just went out and made the best game you can make while EA sucks and likes to get over on its buyers by making half ass games for years and this year they have been exposed and i'm glad.

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