GamePro: Quantum Theory Review

GamePro writes: "While it's a competent enough action game, Tecmo Koei's first foray in the the cover-based shooter genre suffers from dense AI, repetitive gameplay, and uninspired level design".

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eggbert2707d ago

this is the HIGHEST score I've seen for this game.

ShakeShakeShake2707d ago

Gamepro is generous as always with this game.

tacosRcool2707d ago

I found the demo to be good. So I don't know why there is all this hate? Is it because its not Gears of War 3?

talltony2706d ago

How? It was so bland boring and clunky.

mike90772707d ago

Quantam Theory GOTY!!!!! HAHA

NYC_Gamer2707d ago

i hope Gerstmann does some type of video review

TheLig322707d ago

Ninja blade... Now this! Gamepro be smoking some crack

coolbeans2707d ago

If you want to go by metacritic scores, Ninja Blade averages around 30 points more than Quantum Theory.

NateNater2707d ago (Edited 2707d ago )

Just look at all the other scores QT has got and you'll find Gamepro's score fits right in

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The story is too old to be commented.