EA announces 10 new Rock Band tracks; Europe to get Rock Band w/ localized music in 2008

At the GDC, EA and Harmonix have revealed 10 new tracks for their upcoming game, Rock Band.

In addition, they announced the release of Rock Band in Europe in early 2008, completely with localized music. As of yet, there's no word on what some of that localized content will be composed of.

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Newmanator3836d ago

would i be able to play guitar hero 3 on a rock band controller? I know you can the other way round.

Depressed Mode3836d ago

Yes I believe that is what they have stated.

Adamalicious3836d ago

No, they've said things like "it's possible, but it's up to Activision", but never confirmed if you can or not.

Ghoul3836d ago

localized music ???

wtf is going on, leave it as it is and realese it :)

fjtorres3836d ago

Hopefully it'll be available elsewhere, too.
Maybe they'll have some j-pop for the anime fans...

Antonio_Mex3836d ago

man I love that song!! Highway Star is fraking awesome! one of my favorites from all time!

Adamalicious3836d ago

I think by localization they mean that there are different licensing issues in different markets so they might be able to get a certain song in NA but not EU etc.