Sony and BT strike Playstation deal

Sony and BT plan to launch software that will enable Playstation Portable users to make telephone and video calls, and send text messages from their handheld consoles, in a move that will be a first for the gaming industry.

The launch of GoMessenger!, developed by BT, will kick off in the UK in January 2008, and be rolled out to Germany, Spain and Italy, with plans to target Sony Playstation's 8.5 million European users.

Playstation gamers with broadband internet will be able to download the 'BT broadband talk softphone package' for free, from the internet onto their consoles.

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Lightning Mr Bubbles3959d ago

I might have to buy a PSP again. I hate cell phones but they come in handy.

Ri0tSquad3959d ago

make phone calls? IF its like skype (30 bucks a year unlimited calls) well count me on board!!!

Longcry3959d ago

I'm always with Sony PSP Slim all long. Can't wait to get my hands on those new special features. Future Technologies. Future is changing evolving so fast. Just blink of eyes then everything is different.

WOW!! way to come

BulletToothtony3959d ago

wow, the ps3 and psp are becoming like a multitool pack.. awesome.. it's funny that when i got my ps3 i had no idea all the things that were gonna come along with it.

segasage3959d ago

I think this is the downfall of Sony, they are loosing whats at hand here, and especially with the PSP. Some of these things are cool but hte PSP needs to do better at what it is suppose to do. Notice Nintendo doesnt have all this extra crap.

Babylonian3959d ago

Nintendo becoming a niché. With almost nothing new whatsoever, unless you consider the Wii-mote a "revolution". Me, I like Nintendo because their simply Nintendo. With the same games like Zelda, Metroid etc. But I like the PlayStation even more. If I want something new I go with Sony or even Microsoft for that matter.

Climates change, if you can't adapt you will become obsolete. They're doing a nice job with the Wii and DS. But I don't know how long this will continue. People talk about the casual gamer, But Sony got a hold of that gamer with the realease of it's first PlayStation. It sold around 100 milion units, and it wasn't cheap in the beginningen I can tell you. So unless you can convince me that all those people who bought the PlayStation where so called "hardcore gamer", Sony dominates the market.

The PS2 succeeded the PS1 even more and is still succeeding. Chances are high the same thing will happen for the PS3. Because the majority will start migrating after 2 or 3 years in the consoles life.

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The story is too old to be commented.