New PS3/PSP services exclusive to Europe for now

Following Sony's recent Leipzig GC announcements, SCEA has indicated that they are still evaluating the services for the North American market...

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Bloodshedder3839d ago (Edited 3839d ago )

Cool a messenger for the ps3 but... what about Home? well it will be cool to have them bouth

hella whip3839d ago

The messenger service is for the PSP isn't it? doesn't the PS3 already have a messaging service through the PSN.

ErcsYou3839d ago

no ps3 dvr functions for US ps3ers!!! this sucks..
@bloodshedder...i hope that the pic in your avatar isnt really you bloodmasks son...hahaha

Mikelarry3839d ago

sony show the Europeans some love oh yea

Vip3r3839d ago

I think Europe needs something like this considering we had to wait longer, pay more, had less games and less store content. I'll be buying it though.

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