How Treyarch's spicing up Black Ops multiplayer

CVG: You'd have to be living under a rock not to know that Call of Duty: Black Ops is coming out this November.

But while everyone's talking about the new Wager Matches and CoD Points, one thing Treyarch community manager Josh Olin thinks fans have yet to fully grasp is how the interactive scenery being added to the franchise's multiplayer will spice up games.

On a number of the multiplayer maps there are buttons to press to open doors or cue timed events, like space rockets launching, he explained in the latest issue of Edge.

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Blaster_Master2970d ago

Sweet. I always thought Treyarch made a better COD than IW. MW2 sealed the deal when they dropped that turd on my lap last year. But this game seems to be even more than WAW. This is like the true spiritual successor to Golden Eye.

SoSLy2970d ago

Cod4: MW was the best COD I played, WaW wasnt that gud to be honest but I liked the Campaign.

KyRo2970d ago

COD4 was the best your right but I also think IW got lucky when the made it because MW2 lost all the magic that the original MW had.

I agree with Blaster Master though, I've always rated Treyach over IW because IW are crap at supporting the games they make where as Treyach patch pretty much everything and add a healthy number of new map packs.

craddock2970d ago

as long as you cant snipe with shot guns or kill enemies from the other side of the map with silenced assualt rifles like in MW2, I thinik online will be good.

ozps32970d ago

you can dress up a turd, you can put lipstick on a turd, u can put the best French perfume on a turd, you can spend trillions advertising a turd, ... BUT at the end of the day it is still a turd.

redDevil872970d ago

"On a number of the multiplayer maps there are buttons to press to open doors or cue timed events, like space rockets launching

Now thats a nice touch! Treyarch are definately mixing things up.

kwicksandz2970d ago

reminds me of half life dm map where you could run into a bunker and nuke the rest of the map

Fishy Fingers2970d ago

A lot of their ideas seem "inspired" by either HL2:DM or CS:S.

Raikiri2970d ago

I didn't know it was coming out in November,
Guess i lost much of my interest in Call of Duty

-X-2970d ago

And I pray to god this doesn't disappointment me as much as MW2. MW2 is the most disappointing game I have ever played in my life. Funny cause one of my favorite games is COD4.

JeffGUNZ2970d ago

Yeah man, I am so excited for this game. It looks like Treyarch has stepped out their game and tried to deliver a rival game to CoD4. I hope it turns out to be the best. I am really pumped for it, sounds MUCH MORE balanced then MW2. I get so tired playing MW2 now. I enjoy demolition and all people do now is danger close and one man army and just noob tube the entire map. It completely ruins the game type and takes the fun out of it. Thank God Treyarch has seen how those types of things ruin the experience. I am really hoping this game blows me away.

I am kind of nervous about the "dolphin dive" thing. I really hope that doesn't become over used. I can see that becoming real annoying real quick. Hopefully their is an animation that prevents you from firing until your actually on the ground and the gun is punched out at the threat.

Fishy Fingers2970d ago

The wager modes alone are a great addition. Especially the GunGame which I still play all the time on CS:S, they've straight up ripped it, but it'll be fun to play it on another game.

JeffGUNZ2970d ago

Yeah, that last kill with the ballistic knife looks to be a real nail biter. It's going to be a very exciting and nerve-racking experience. I am pumped.

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The story is too old to be commented.