Enslaved will be the best game of 2010

TGP writes: ''It’s not often you play a game the first time and throughout the gameplay you got that feeling that you hope this game never ends. You hope that you will keep playing this game for the rest of your life. Even though you know that it will come to an end eventually, you at least hope that the ending will leave you with a sense of closure. But it rarely does, this however came to us in our latest sneak preview, and the game? The game was Enslaved: Odyssey to the West.''

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Sukebe_Gamer2974d ago

Good luck cause it's gonna need it. Alot of good games this year and to say it will be the best game of 2010 is a bold statement.

8-bit2974d ago


rezzah2974d ago

i doubt BS2 will be part of it. If most consider the first better then BS2 has less of a chance of being GOTY. I agree with the rest of your list though.

gaffyh2974d ago

Lol, this website really wants a review copy. Enslaved will be good, but I would discount any of the games that 8-bit mentioned.

Perjoss2974d ago

GT5 as game of the year is unlikely, just think about that for a second, its a driving game. Heavy Rain was a good game but game of the year is also unlikely. God of War 3, Mass Effect 2 or Red Dead are good candidates.

SilentNegotiator2974d ago

Typical "flashing ledges" platforming, typical combat, bad audio, average graphics.....GOTY? No.

SillySundae2974d ago (Edited 2974d ago )

Aside from the PS3 exclusives, there is HALO Reach.
... and also Kinectimals

NinjaAssassin2974d ago (Edited 2974d ago )

I love how people who haven't even played it (aside from the short demo) are telling a guy that has played it what to think about it. If he thinks it will be his GOTY who are you to disagree?

I, for one, am really looking forward to Enslaved. I don't know if it will be my favorite game of the year, but I am almost certain that I will really enjoy it. And you never know, it might be my GOTY too.

Edit @ below:
No, there isn't anything in the demo that makes me say that. I really enjoyed the demo, but it's what I have seen elsewhere that makes me excited for the game. In all likelihood it probably won't be my GOTY, but I am just saying that it seems like a fresh title and I don't think it is so far fetched to think that it will be some people's GOTY.

BTW, the 360 version has no screen tearing.

nycredude2974d ago


So you haven't played the demo. There is enough in the demo to surmise that it won't be goty. Graphics are just ok, very colorful. Screen tearing, mindless one button platforming with no punishment, fighting system even less deeper than Heavenly Sword, great art design and refreshing story does not equal goty. With Mass Effect 2, GOW 3, Halo Reach, GT5, Heavy Rain all out and Castlevania coming soon, there is no way in hell it is getting GOTY. I think it will be good game though.

Myze2974d ago

I know a lot of people seem to want to conveniently forget about Super Mario Galaxy 2, but judging the tone of most of the reviews (not to mention it IS a great game), it has the best chance of getting the most GotY awards, especially now that LBP2 was pushed back to 2011.

GoW3, ME2, RDR, GT5, Halo: Reach, Starcraft 2 and SMG2 are the top GotY candidates.

sikbeta2974d ago

Oh God! starting the Multiplat-hyping machine already?

cyberwaffles2974d ago

i would put singularity over bioshock 2 to be honest. i find singularity to be one of the better FPSs this year, offering an awesome campaign and stellar gameplay. hell, i even heard the multiplayer is fun and unique.

bviperz2974d ago

You know this article is based off his experience with the 360 demo right?

paintsville2973d ago

Well I don't know about GOTY but I just preordered mine for 360. The demo was great and I was immediately hooked with the great graphics, smooth framerate, and the story seemed very intriguing.

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movements2974d ago

I'm sorry, but I disagree. There's no way. Not above, ME2, Not above Heavy Rain, not above God of War III, not above Alan Wake, and surely not above GT5.

AKissFromDaddy2974d ago

You choose not to believe that it may be better than those games.


no need to be sorry about that thats your opinion and you are entitle to it. i feel this demo gave me something i havent gotten in awhile so i stand by my statement

NewsForMe2974d ago

I played the demo. I always finish a demo, but not this time. Holding the thumbstick towards shiny objects and never being hit once by the enemies is boring.

x5exotic2974d ago

it will surely be above HR

Active Reload2974d ago

Good for you RIPSKATEDESTROY! But obviously not everyone is going to agree with you, and you know this. My reason for not agreeing with you is because, chances are highly likely that I won't be able to play all the games this year. So I'm really not at liberty to say if it will or won't.

joydestroy2974d ago

not above Castlevania, not above RDR, not above Halo Reach. heck, i'd even bet that Splinter Cell Conviction is a better game.

now that i'm looking at all the good games this year that i have...PS3 exclusives (that i liked) are lacking =/
sad panda

ryuzu2974d ago

On the basis of that demo, this isn't even better than Alan Wake.... I think you're being rather optimistic.

Still if platforming with no jump timing, stories with weak plots, 1 dimensional characters and graphics that are limited to primary coloring makes you GOTY, then I guess you must be continually impressed with every game release.


darren_poolies2974d ago

@ ryuzu

How the heck do you know that the story has a weak plot and the characters are one dimensional judging from a 15 minute demo?? :S Go and read the book or actually play the entire game, then you can comment on the 'weak plot' and 'one dimentional characters'.

More on point, I really enjoyed the demo but I can't see it beating ME2 or RDR personally.

SirRunic2974d ago

Lol, Alan Wake? One of the most overrated games that I've played/beat. Won't take much to top that game.

cyberwaffles2974d ago

technically AKissfromDaddy is right. who knows, this might be the most mindblowing game since...well, now that i think about it, GOW3, heavy rain, and ME2 were just that.

hard to tell really. really bold statement nonetheless.

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Christopher2974d ago (Edited 2974d ago )

I believe the scores are speaking well enough for the game. Its current competition is Castlevania and it is falling below that game, let alone some masterpieces that have already come out earlier this year as well as some forthcoming games that are likely to be of similar quality to said masterpieces.

gta28002974d ago

Judging by the demo....uh no.

RonRico2974d ago

While responsive, there is nothing to them. You can hammer the jump button and the guy automatically make every jump. That sort of thing makes a game lame.

joydestroy2974d ago

no way. that demo was crap lol

Gothdom2974d ago

I wouldn't go as far as saying it's total crap, as some animations are well done, but the story is insultingly generic and the gameplay is just standard... well, the fighting is incredibly sub-standard. Nothing worth 60$ IMO.

That's my impressions based off the demo.

TVippy2974d ago

It's not even a legit site... "The fastest growing.." yeah, right.

ABizzel12974d ago

This game is not winning any GOTY awards except from small sites who want to be different.

The only nominees it'll have are Best Action/Adventure and it's going to lose to God of War 3, and if not that Castlevania.

Enslaved is a poor man's Uncharted with hack and slash gameplay, a good game for 360 gamers, but for people who actually played Uncharted 2 Enslaved is a 2nd hand attempt at creating Uncharted Drake's fortune.

Silentmerc3nary2973d ago (Edited 2973d ago )

Enslaved doesn't have guns. Enslaved doesn't have underground caves (That we know of). Uncharted isn't in the future. Uncharted doesn't have giant robots.

They both have platforming Elements. That's it.

Let's stop comparing it to Uncharted.

SpaceSquirrel2974d ago

I don't know about Game of the Year but Enslaved does look like a great game

avengers19782974d ago

Bold statement, the game is going to be fun. I played the demo and can honestly say I will be getting this game, but probably not day one. Best game of 2010 has to beat Reach, God of War 3, Heavy Rain, Alan Wake, Mass Effect 2, and a slew of games yet to be released... Oh and Red Dead.

Knushwood Butt2974d ago

SMG2 is a lazy re-hash of the first game. Easy milking for Nintendo.

ChineseDemocracy2974d ago

I don't know dudes...

The demo offered sub-par platforming, with VERY familiar visuals (see Heavenly Sword), a decent battle system, and a generic "badass" male protagonist.

JohnnyMann4202974d ago

Yeah... I am thinking Red Dead Redemption will take this title, in my opinion.

princejb1342974d ago

i bet either halo reach or god of war 3 wins goty
i played the enslaved demo and got very bored before i finished it

2974d ago
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MrMccormo2974d ago

After playing the demo and seeing the shortfalls of the game, I completely completely disagree.

God of War 3, Halo Reach, Mass Effect 2, Alan Wake, GT5, Super mario Galaxy 2, Dragon Warrior 9, MGS: Peace Walker, Heavy Rain, and plenty of other '10 titles are better than Enslaved.

Hellsvacancy2974d ago (Edited 2974d ago )

Fallout New Vegas and Assassins Creed BrotherHood is all i want this year (and GT5 of course)

Didnt like the Enslaved demo much, it was "ok" nothin great though, i liked it more than i did Castlevania

Fallout will b the best game of 2010 imo

JohnnyMann4202974d ago

Red Dead definitely has a bigger chance then this game as GOTY. So many people like myself have put as many hours as we did fallout and that is crazy for a non-rpg game.

MorganX2973d ago (Edited 2973d ago )

I'm not terribly impressed with the list of games you mentioned, it's all personal preference in a general sense, I do agree about Enslaved. The demo was quite underwhelming, especially on PS3 (thanks to the Unreal Engine).

I want to like it. There were no performance issues on Xbox and it looks good enough. But, there's one thing that prevents me from getting immersed and I don't know if the story explains it.

I can buy 160lb. to 175lb., metrosexual Nathan Drake performing physics defying leaps. It is a video game after all, but they rode the edge of too incredible. Enslaved crosses it. Monkey is a 250+ pound beast on steroids making even greater "leaps" across great chasms than dude raider Drake.

The story is that it is futuristic which explains the technology, but I have seen nothing that says Monkey was genetically enhanced. He's just a guy from the future, juiced up on steroids. Even in a video game, the jumps and leaps he was making, frequently, too frequently for my tastes, are just too unbelievalbe without some in-game explanation. If it hasn't already been written, it's too late to come after the fact and say, oh, he was genetically altered.

I haven't really seen the story, so maybe they do explain it, but if they don't, it's too fantastic for me to get immersed in it. It ruins the ability to escape into the gameworld for me until that is explained.

niceguywii602974d ago (Edited 2974d ago )

I don't doubt that it will be up there at least. This game seems like a masterpiece and has me more pumped than Castlevania.

NinjaAssassin2974d ago

Enslaved does look awesome. Personally I am more excited for Castlevania, but that's where individual taste comes into play. I am really looking forward to Enslaved as well.

Neckbear2974d ago

Played the Demo. Hated it.

NewsForMe2974d ago

Too many great titles this year to be true.