Halo Reach Mythbusters Episode 2

"Those of you that love Mythbusters on the Discovery Channel will be very happy to know that there is in fact a form of Mythbusting taking place for Halo Reach. As of right now they have 2 episodes out and in the 2nd episode the following myths will be busted or confirmed.

Can you survive a fall by landing on the other player?
Can you kill an enemy just by hitting them with a grenade?
Can you knock the cannons off of a Scorpion or Wraith?
If your Jet Pack gets stuck can you survive by swapping armor abilities?
Can you melee through a hologram?
Can you pick up health packs through walls?
Can plasma launchers stick frag grenades?"

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N4GAddict2998d ago

Very good video indeed.

Christopher2998d ago

Very interesting concept. See some good unintentional tactics during multiplayer being developed with some of these type of things.

tommyth3cat2998d ago

I love these types of vids

002998d ago

they should do "can a grenade deflect a rocket"

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