IGN Kinect Preview: Child of Eden is Filled with Happiness

Watch a trailer of Child of Eden and it will look like nothing more than a prettier version of the cult-classic Rez. Play Child of Eden, and you'll realize the true potential of Kinect. It's an entirely different experience.

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Rrobba2998d ago

Don't think I'll get Kinect.

niceguywii602998d ago (Edited 2998d ago )

Give it a rest man at least mention the topic before you try and downplay Kinect which the topic happens to be about a game not the motion device lol. I can't wait for Child of Eden.

No one came in here to hear some tool talk about how he's not getting Kinect yet seemingly trolls the article after checking it out.

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D4RkNIKON2998d ago

Yeah it is a step backwards in user input. Lack of buttons hurts more than people are willing to realize.

gamingdroid2998d ago

Yup, then you look at the video and you realize this guy is most likely lying or had some technical difficulties.

From the article:

"I couldn't get the game to let me aim outside of a 1/4 screen-sized boundary in the middle of the screen."

You can clearly see the guy in the above video using Kinect in a larger than 1/4 screen starting at 00:21. Check it out for yourself!

Makes you wonder, how much truth and how much is fiction in that article from

Shang-Long2998d ago

thats alot better then i thought it would be.

gamingdroid2998d ago (Edited 2998d ago )

A little laggy, but much more responsive than I thought it would be with Kinect.

I compare that to PS Move and I noticed similar lag in Ruse so I don't think lag will ever be eliminated if PS Move is the perfect Wii style motion controller.

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kvg882998d ago

than destructoid did.

Omega42998d ago (Edited 2998d ago )

Its interesting that when Kinect is added to a controller based game as an option its actually the superior option.

Well there probably won't be anymore to see since devs are choosing to makes from the ground up for Kinect instead of just tacking it onto games as an option.

AceofStaves2998d ago

One game isn't indicative of all the games, though. Why make such a broad-based assumption? Wouldn't it be better to actually see how several different games with both options play before generalizing like that?

despair2998d ago


this game looks great and probably plays better with kinect than a controller, but its still an on rails shooter and thats what worries me.

The only game for kinect that has gamers excited (with actual gameplay) is an on rails shooter that still,even in the video, shows lag and might kill your arms from prolonged play.

What else is there but on rails games for kinect and no matter how pretty they look or how good they play its still just that and I hope that's not the future of gaming.

LeonSKennedy4Life2998d ago

You know what would make Child of Eden even MORE precise and fun?

A motion controller!

gman_moose2998d ago

If you have to play that game with an outstretched arm the whole time, that will get old real fast. The muscles in the arm aren't meant to be holding it up for an hour at a time. If there is a controller option, that might save it, not hinder it.

PimpHandHappy2998d ago

a interactive screen saver

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sak5002998d ago (Edited 2998d ago )

Lag seems to have reduced but i'll avoid kinect and move (if i ever buy ps3). Looks tiring to play with arms stretched out. If i need excercise i'll hit the gym in my apt or swim the pool. Games i play to relax by laying on couch with a controller in my hand.

plb2998d ago

I clearly see the lag

btk2998d ago

WTF? Are you serious?

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