Release of the Week: Dead Rising 2 (

Gamers probably spending 90% of there time killing three groups of creatures: aliens, terrorists and zombies. This weeks biggest release focuses on the later of the trio. Capcom’s latest iteration of their zombie killing series is back! Unlike other games that are centered around the living dead, Dead Rising 2 doesn’t take place shortly after the apocalypse began. In fact, there is already a cure for the zombie virus and things are actually looking up!

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wondroushippo2972d ago

It is kinda hard not to be release of the week when you are the only thing worth a darn coming out. Just Sayin'

bgrundman2972d ago

I didn't care much for Case 0 either.

starven2972d ago

I never finished the first game, don't necessarily think I'll be snagging this one either.

roblef2972d ago

It's like a one trick pony. Good enough fun for a rental, tho. Esp around Halloween.

notbob2972d ago

I didn't like the first one, but it's hard not to be drawn in by double chainsaw action.