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Clarkey4boro writes "With all the rumours going around about android, the slip of the tongue from a Mortal Kombat developer and now the news that dev kits are making their way to larger developers, it seems almost certain that there is a new PSP in the works, and coming out soon. But what should we expect from this up and coming mastodon of portable gaming, what should we pray for, and what should we scoff at the thought of? While it’s impossible for me to know, it’s worth hazarding a guess, with sony most likely announcing the new baby of the playstation brand sooner, rather than later."

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craddock2971d ago

if sonys smart they'll reuse most of the psps parts (excluding UMD) and they'll have a powerful console that they can make a profit off of day one. Developing would also be easier too.

SilentNegotiator2971d ago (Edited 2971d ago )

Just make the PSP2 more like a traditional console, ramp up the power, support it and fight piracy better, and make it affordable.

I really don't give a flying bucket of sewage about handheld 3D, touchscreens, gyroscopes, GPS, cell phone service, astrolabes, sundials....whatever. I want a portable console, not a portable gimmick with a million ports of games I already have on the N64 and PS2.

Nugundam00792970d ago

stop hating-it'll still sell like crack

SilentNegotiator2970d ago (Edited 2970d ago )

"it'll still sell like crack"

Who cares? Eminem sold the most songs the last decade. But I don't listen to his crappy music because it's popular.

mrmcygan2971d ago

I think Sony should just ditch the umd/disk format for the PSP2. Ya i know that will not allow you to play PSP games on the PSP2, but the UMD drive made it less portable, more expensive, and have a bad battery life.

Apotheosize2971d ago

Bad idea. Then we get the travesty that is the PSPgo. Physical media is a must.

Trroy2971d ago (Edited 2971d ago )

No, the Go's only fault was its price. Digital content people are fine with. Look at the iPhone.

N4G visitors might be miserly, but anyone interested in small, portable devices, also tends to like digital -- because it goes hand-in-hand with small and portable.

UMDs are a pain. So are carts. More than a couple on hand is *really* irritating to haul around. The Go is brilliant, in that regard.

SilentNegotiator2971d ago

"Digital content people are fine with. Look at the iPhone"

Never use the Iphone as an example in a video game debate.
Besides, most of Iphone's games are small.

P-ES-P haz teh big boy gaemz.

Hairy Chewie2971d ago

Why not be able to buy PSP games on DVD/CD/USB and install it via your PC? It'd mean you'd still have a physical back-up without the need to carry 10 games around with you.

moparful992971d ago (Edited 2971d ago )

I would like the option to do it through the ps3.. You know, buy a game on a blu-ray esque disc, install on ps3, transfer to psp.. That might work well.. Hmm I dont know how sony is going to decide what to do.. With the ds its always been cart based and that simplified the process but of course the graphics quality of carts is lacking... If sony makes the psp2 look like the one in the picture then color me happy. Throw android os and a cell functionality and at&t can kiss my contract good bye... I havent been this excited about a piece of hardware since the ps3 launched...

golsilva2971d ago

so is the rumor psp phone and the psp 2 two different things or are they the same thing?

Clarkey4boro2971d ago

I believe they're the same thing, I can't imagine sony would release two PSP's in one year, they're pushing the boundaries as it is with how close the PSP Go was. Adding more will just confuse the consumer :)

lomion52971d ago

You say that, but many people would say one of Sony's biggest problems is confusing the consumer with different versions of its products. If I understand it correctly, a large part of the reason they are restructuring is to reduce this though. As a result, I remain hopeful, but I am unconvinced.

Stealth20k2971d ago

They would be completely different

The psphone is from sony ericson and has rumored graphics between psx and psp

The psp 2 is from sony computer entertainment

Otheros002971d ago

He's talking about phantasy star portable 2 and not psp2 or the psp phone. j/k

Antan2971d ago (Edited 2971d ago )

2 different things ;)

On a side note, good to see a fellow Boro lad on N4G 8)

Clarkey4boro2971d ago

haha, weren't thinking you were alone were you? xD

Antan2970d ago

Well, its quite rare....worldwide userbase etc etc.....slim chances i'd say, anyway nice to have you around.

pedrami912971d ago

Kaz Hirai confirmed that much.

PirateThom2971d ago

Like a few weeks ago when he said it won't be.

thehitman2971d ago

wish it was the real design.

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