IGN: Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock Review

IGN: It's a scary world for music games in 2010. Last year, publishers went for broke with release after release - Activision in particular pushed out Guitar Hero: Metallica, Guitar Hero 5, Guitar Hero: Smash Hits, Band Hero, and Guitar Hero: Van Halen - and audiences largely stayed at home. This year, Activision has curbed Guitar Hero's touring schedule to just one game: Warriors of Rock. The last Guitar Hero title to be developed by Neversoft, it's been called a return to the series roots. Sadly, Neversoft doesn't seem to have gotten within sight of the tree. From a confused setlist that doesn't jibe with the game's heavy metal aesthetic to wildly varying difficulty and a lack of accessiblilty that might make it the hardest Guitar Hero game in recent memory for casual players to get into, I was left with a final question that I was never able to answer - why Warriors of Rock is here?

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Pennywise2971d ago

Looks like Activision has killed GH... thank God. Next - CoD.

Shang-Long2971d ago

yup it has begun the down fall

despair2971d ago

any yet I bet it sells a lot, just like COD will continue to break sales records.

mrcash2971d ago

havent guitar hero sales been declining?

Motorola2971d ago

Good bye Activision. It was nice knowing you. All of you except Kotick

Deathbell22971d ago

They gotta stop trying to milk this for money I'll end up hating.

Greywolfe19822971d ago

The scores from the categories average out to be 6.9. The sound category, obviously the most important in a music game, is the highest with an 8. Not to mention they apparently removed 2 points for a bad narrator. Just me or are these scores a bit wonky?

Raptura2971d ago

You must be new to reviews, especially IGN reviews. The final score is not an average. The overall is a separate score all together.

The game is useless, meaningless and doesn't need to exist. 6 sounds like a good score just because there's SO many Guitar Hero's that everything this game offers could have been overpriced DLC for GH5 or a previous title.

Raptura2971d ago

LOL! How funny is it that this bad review of GH comes so soon after Activision bashed EA?

RIP Music games..... I hope.

Chromer2971d ago

Just because Activision wants to put out a GH game every other week doesn't mean other music games that actually are fun need to die. I'm still waiting for Konami to put out DDR, Beatmania IIDX, and Pop'n Music onto the PS3 so I can play in glorious HD.

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The story is too old to be commented.