GC: Unreal Tournament gets SixAxis controls

Games Convention this afternoon Epic Games demonstrated Unreal Tournament III PS3's new SixAxis controls - and they look to work really well.

The death-dealing superweapon, The Redeemer is now controlled in camera mode by tilting the PS3 pad from side to side - which in our demonstration looked to work without a hitch. Similarly, hoverboard controls now work using the tilt capabilities of the PS3, twisting the pad to perform spins and tricks.

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thereapersson3958d ago

Yeah, we already knew that Epic would be featuring the six-axis in the game, but it's really good to know that they pulled off the functionality without a hitch. This game is in my top three most wanted games this holiday!

Funky Town_TX3958d ago

get it right. I'm not a UT fan, so I will not be getting this game, but still nice.

Bordel_19003958d ago

"The console version itself is looking in great shape; the version we saw today was running at a solid 60fps and looked near-identical with the PC counterpart, which was also running side by side. "

This is all I need to know! This game will rock, it's a pre-order for me ;)

thereapersson3958d ago (Edited 3958d ago )

Yep! 60FPS and almost near identical to a PC running at high settings. This is awesome.

edit: this also reaffirms my faith in the game that at least the framerate won't be dumbed down for the console version. I was afraid that Epic wouldn't be able to make the game look that good and still have it run 60fps on the PS3 hardware. I guess my fears were for nothing!

Bordel_19003958d ago (Edited 3958d ago )

Your worries, and mine, were justified though, when we see games like Madden running at 30fps.

But, I guess it just re-affirmes, what I've always believed/hoped, that it's not a PS3 problem.

Also, it shows that a little bit of Sony-lovin' on the Unreal Engine seems to have worked wonders.

Panthers3958d ago

IN YOUR FACE EA Learn to program games.

Real gamer 4 life3958d ago

i cant wait for this game, i am going to have a ton of game this holiday warhawk lair heveanly sword drake haze and unreal tournamen.

kr0n0s1873958d ago

now if only that sixaxix had rumble.....

Bordel_19003958d ago

I guess that by the time UT3 is released there will be rumble on the SIXAXIS, let's hope it's implemented in the game also.

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The story is too old to be commented.