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Can The PSP2 Beat The 3DS?

Nobody can really dispute that the Nintendo DS was the clear winner of this generation’s battle for domination of the hand-held gaming space; official sales figures show that Nintendo’s dual-screened device has achieved over double the sales of Sony’s sadly overlooked multimedia machine. And it’s no surprise – the DS was simply ground-breaking, catalysing the introduction of non-traditional control methods with its touch screen, microphone and double-screened design, and the trend of innovation continued with the DSi’s two cameras. (Next-Gen, Nintendo DS, PS Vita, Tech)

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TrevorPhillips  +   1832d ago
One word "YES"
movements  +   1832d ago
Be realistic: No.
Count  +   1832d ago
Does it matter?
Cloudberry  +   1832d ago
We haven't seen PSP2 yet...

Let alone 3DS' full games... : /
qface64  +   1832d ago
depends on what you mean by beat if you mean powerwise then i don't doubt it if yo u mean sales wise then i do highly doubt that

besides as things are right now the 3DS wins doesn't make much sense to compare something that does exist to something that doesn't yet
zireno  +   1832d ago
don't care, I'll get both :)
Bereaver  +   1832d ago
How can anyone comment if it can win or not yet?

The only thing I worry about the 3DS is if the 3d implements can really cause problems with your eyes.

I mean, I'm not worried about it on ps3, cause you can turn it off, but on the 3ds, I don't think you can simply turn it off.
zireno  +   1832d ago
you can turn it off dude, there's a switch on the right side that can control the depth of the 3d effect and turn it off if you want.
pimpmaster  +   1832d ago
how could you say the psp2 is gonna beat 3ds. from the psps performance im bettin on sony just staying out of the portable space from now on. the psp was as close to failure as you can get imo. its like the xbox 360 in japan, just like MS , sony doesnt give up.
SilentNegotiator  +   1832d ago
Be realistic: You know nothing about the PSP2, and only a little about the 3DS.
dragon82  +   1832d ago
How exactly is the PSP a failure?? It has sold over 50 million units world wide. If that is considered a failure then the Xbox 360 and PS3 must be considered failures because it has sold more than both of them.
skrug  +   1832d ago

the PSP sold more than the xbox and gamecube combined.
The first portable gaming machine that sony releases, and it's selling 60 million + and counting. First portable to be able to keep nintendo on their toes in the handheld market

eh dragon82 beat me to it. lol
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pimpmaster  +   1831d ago
its a failure cause it has no games. just look at the ps3/360s game lineup and every month theres at least 1 decent game. on psp theres only like 2-3 good games a YEAR.
dragon82  +   1831d ago
So basically its a failure because you don't like it??
darkcharizard  +   1832d ago
Simple answer "NO"
himdeel  +   1832d ago
/s I didn't even know they were out yet...
...sigh...it's all conjecture at this point. With no specifications to speak of there is no real question to pose.
Seijoru  +   1832d ago
I think it can, if they add android OS to it and make it a phone also. Maybe graphics as good as lets say almost 360/PS3 too. It would be a great value if they sold for 350$ or less with a phone company contract.
craddock  +   1832d ago
no ones gonna pay 350 for a handheld thats more then a ps3
dragon82  +   1832d ago
I would if it is worth the money.
JLeVRT  +   1832d ago
I think
It will definitely be the better of the 2... If its priced correctly (within $50 of the 3DS's price. Remember Sony... RECESSION) And it has a great launch lineup... Im cool. Ill get it anyway. You heard of project sword for the iPhone 4? I hope the PSP2 can get that in check...

Hmmm... 2 PSP2 articles in less than 20 minutes... Things are heating up! Let the best handheld win!
40cal  +   1832d ago
I don't think it will sell more units, but I will be getting the 2nd PSP day one.
ABizzel1  +   1832d ago
It depends, they really need to work on their gaming library, allow apps, determine if it's going to be a cell phone, produce a powerful product, keep the price competitive with the 3DS, add 3G/4G support, add PSN to it, market it well as gaming on the Go you can play online multiplayer anywhere thanks to 3G or 4G.

That's alot and I think it's too much for Sony to do at the beginning of it's launch so I thin the 3DS will out sell the PSP again, but the margin won't be as huge as it was this gen.

3DS 110mil
PSP2 80mil
milohighclub  +   1831d ago
give me 2 analogs, near enough same specs as ps3, uncharted or full remote play compatability and online so i can multiplay on the move, i'll buy!!! but gonna get 3ds as well cos its gonna be awesome!!!
TrevorPhillips  +   1832d ago
How do you guys know that it can't beat the 3DS.

graphically speaking it will beat it. Didn't you guys read the previous articles how the PSP2 graphics is close to the 360 and PS3.

please dont take things too serious here this is just in my opinion
Connoro  +   1832d ago
Previous articles about how the PSP2 graphics are close to 360 and PS3 are just rumours - and I've heard just as many rumours stating the same for the 3DS.
Dno  +   1832d ago
yes but this is sony not nintendo
Sonys track record tells a whole other story when it comes to graphics. i will take the 3ds looking like ps3/360 with a grain of salt but sonys? i just might think it will be close if i heard that rumor.

Either way i can not wait for both these amazing toys as i will get both first day.
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Connoro  +   1832d ago
@Dno: Well, actually, you're kinda wrong there. Remember how the N64 had much better graphics than the PS1? And how many graphics stress tests showed the GameCube was more powerful than the PS2?

You're basing your conclusion on one generation, and from what we've seen of the 3DS so far, it's looking to be a powerful, innovative system.
n4gno  +   1831d ago
Conoro, n64 and gamecube = launch way after ps1/ps2, and psp have 5 years or more of technical advance over ds.
Mastodon  +   1832d ago

Sadly friend, the whole "Graphically it can!" debate is a dead horse, DS doesn't need graphics to sell - it actually has deep innovative games with amazing design, detail, and family value. I mean seriously when was the last time you saw a DS game that looked anywhere near as good as a PSP title?
comp_ali  +   1832d ago
Will see when both are out.
I just don't like gestures based on fanboyism.
Half-Mafia  +   1832d ago
can the PS4 beat the xbox 720?

thats the kind of stupid question ur asking.
likedamaster  +   1832d ago
PSP2 can very much beat the 3DS, but the 3DS will still print money. Why? The revolutionary 3D screen. Unless, the PSP2 does the same or better with its screen. My 2 cents.
Fishy Fingers  +   1832d ago
Until I see specs and possible software it's difficult to say either way. But the DS has a broad appeal, it'll be hard to top.
Vegeta9000  +   1832d ago
3DS has nothing but old ports with a 3D gimmick (where the effect is lost if you're not positioned right).
akilebailoyo  +   1832d ago
Kid Icarus say Hi!
Connoro  +   1832d ago
Except for all the already announced titles that aren't "old ports", right? And you can't call 3D a gimmick in Sony's defense after they pumped all that R&D cash into 3D on PS3.
R_aVe_N  +   1832d ago
Actually he can since the 3DS is not real 3D. It uses you eye to bring things out of focus and will cause problems with eyesight just hide and watch. I had a headache from looking at it for just a few minutes.
mamotte  +   1832d ago

Actually te 3D of the PS3 is an illusion also, you cant touch the things on a screen tv
Apotheosize  +   1832d ago
As much as I hope it would I dont think so. The 3DS is "disruptive technology" meaning all of its competitors are being left in the dust unless they adopt the same tech. I really dont think the PSP2 will have no-glasses 3D on it. The system itself will most likley be stronger than the 3DS, thats a given. But the PSP was also stronger than the DS and look who "won" the war, (in terms of sales). The 3DS in a way is just like Sonys own Walkman. Im very excited to see what the PSP2 can do. I'm not ruling out that the PSP2 could beat the 3DS but this is Nintendo were talking about. They have always owned the handheld market. And I dont think theres really anything the PSP2 could have that would give it that "edge".
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GoldPS3  +   1832d ago
In graphics and features - Yes

In sales - No
Chuk5  +   1832d ago
Seriously the 3DS. The psp is already constant uphill battle, it will be a risk for sont to put million into dev if it doesnt take off.
tiamat5  +   1832d ago
We could wait and see how both of them pan out. But no, lets speculate wildly and and make stabs in the dark about two hand helds we have never really seen in action yet instead. That is the fanboy way.Lets just assume that the 3DS is unstoppable before they even reveal the PSP2 and before we even see what the 3DS can do. *shakes head*
Neko_Mega  +   1832d ago
Until we have hands on with it, the 3ds is over hype for nothing.

Games for it look good but I'm not going to put to much hope the 3ds will be as good as they say it is.
jizzyjones  +   1832d ago
facelike  +   1832d ago
So they are comparing something that is a rumor vs. something we know little about. Great comparison.
BoNeSaW23  +   1832d ago
NO. Everyone still remembers the PSPgo. FLOP!
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Dance  +   1832d ago
when pigs fly
mike008   1832d ago | Spam
Zachmo182  +   1832d ago
Well yea maybe in terms in graphics yea....But sales hell no! Nintendo knows what they're doing Nintendo is the king of handhelds.
Mista T  +   1832d ago
Hold on guys I'm obviously qualified
I'm from the future :P
gamingisnotacrime  +   1832d ago
Know little to nothing about the PSP 2
the 3DS is looking powerful, innovative and is backed by almost every top 3rd party, including Kojima Productions.
PSP2 will have a TOUGH fight for the market, even tougher than the current PSP has against the DS series
lan32   1832d ago | Spam
Omega Zues  +   1832d ago
wait what?
Can something yet to be seen beat something thats not yet available?

How do they work?
Pedobear Rocks  +   1832d ago
Its similar
to magnets.
Connoro  +   1832d ago
Fucking magnets, how do they work?
0oAngeluso0  +   1832d ago
That is all.
TwistedMetal  +   1832d ago
the psp2 cant win in sales because
of all the little kids and parents who only buy nintnedo products. you guys were a kid once and your parents always bought you the cheapest or the kiddiest thing unless you were lucky to have cool parents.

Most parents arent cool though. All the kids will not get super high tech black psp2. they will get 3ds toy like kids handheld.

I got/ getting both but i perfer the psp for the bigger games like KH birth by sleep. Mgs peace walker, gtpsp, grand theft auto vice city stories, lumineous, ff 13 agito, final fantasy dissidia, persona 3 portable, valkyria chronicles 2 and 3, god of war games, etc.

I usually play the ds for 1 or 2 snes type rpgs, pokemon, and maybe some platformers.
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mshope10  +   1832d ago
i can't believe how lame are gaming hobby has become people are already fighting about systems that ain't even out yet.and 3ds looks like a great system but i could be wrong and people are already trying to trash talk it when they don't know what they are talking about wow!!!!!!saying it can hurt your eye cause you can't turn the 3d off thats why ps3's 3d is better wow?!!!!!people on here are such jealous babys!!!!nintendo said from the start you can turn the 3d off or adjust it how you like!!and 3ds's 3d sucks cause it tricks your eye's but ps3 is better?!!!!!!it has to use glasses to cause the illusion thats tricks your eye's!!!!what did yinz think it used!??wow i love how yinz show how you don't know what so ever yinz are talking about when it comes to nintendo and just say stuff cause your jealous nintendo is winning the sales war with weaker systems get over it cause it might happen again with 3ds!!i guess i'll be like yinz and trash talk a system thats not out yet and i never seen or played it.it's called psp2 and its going to be so much more powerful than 3ds so it's going to have way better graphics than 3ds but cost way to much and it's going to copy nintendo ds systems by having one or two touchscreens a built in mic,motion controls and 3d screens and than they will say they been working on that stuff sence the 90's and there new control sticks would look just likes 3ds'es but it will have 2 so they can say it's not the same as 3ds!!and it will have the same games as ps3 and it will feel like your playing the same games as your home system and people will get super bored easy just like before and 3ds will crush it in sales!!!!man i guess the trash talk i just talked made me a hardcore gamer awwww yeah!!!!!!!!!
NnT3291  +   1832d ago
I don't think it can compete with the 3ds in sale, but graphically it can Imo. I will get both though
chunop   1832d ago | Spam
KiLLUMiNATi_89  +   1832d ago
I'll purchase a psp any day over a DS. Im not a fan of NINTENDO PRODUCTS. I'm very interesting in seeing how this so called 3ds is gonna work. Specs wise I'm 100% sure psp2 will be better. It's like comparing a wii to a ps3, not happening.
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SnukaTheMan  +   1831d ago
It will be hard knowing the mistakes that sony made with the psp go but if sonys new psp is a better package with great games then it will be better then the 3ds..i will be buying both of course.
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