BioShock Widescreen - The Sad Conclusion

And the saga of the BioShock widescreen outrage comes to a close, though not in a way that's going to make the angered gamers across the country any happier. In a post on the Cult of Rapture website it is revealed that widescreen isn't cropped at all. 4:3 is just bigger.

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AllroundGamer3923d ago (Edited 3923d ago )

if it showed more, like in 4:3 it would mean more rendering, which would have an impact on performance. On the xbox360 could such a performance drop kill the game... therefore there won't be any patch for it.

tplarkin73923d ago

You mean if you zoom out? There's tesselation which reduces polygons and texture resolution. So that isn't totally true. For example, if you were to zoom out until the map became a dot on the screen, the frame-rate would rise, not fall.

The key is the native resolution of 1280x720. If you read the article, she states that the game plays at a native 1280x720.

razer3923d ago

This effects the PC gamers more than the 360.

I see no problems with my version at all..

plastixblue3923d ago

I clicked 360 instead of PC. :(

thatdude3923d ago

WTF no widescreen?
this is the first time i heard about this

The KEN KUTARAGI3923d ago (Edited 3923d ago )

The game is in widescreen...
THe game plays fine...
The game HUD is completely visible in widescreen...
If nobody had compared the two, nobody would notice...

The entire topic is over-blown and the issue in question IMO does not impact gameplay AT ALL...

So you can see a bit more of your characters arms... and maybe 10% more height...

If that's a deal breaker for someone, then they're priorities are not on playing games and they're just a picky b*tch

beardtm3923d ago

Bioshock aint out in europe yet, so dont talk out your anus.

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The story is too old to be commented.