How the PS3 Move Is The Wrong Direction for Sony

Nintendo's Wii might have been a success for the company, but with motion controls being implemented into the PlayStation 3 via Sony's Move, it might not be a good move for the company.

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TrevorPhillips2919d ago

I find Move really good and accurate. There is nothing wrong with it...

Why o why2919d ago (Edited 2919d ago )

im good. The funny thing is Sony has always had a casual side. From parappa the rapper to singstar, buzz to eyetoy its always been a part of the reason why the ps2 sold what it did. Does anybody really think it was just hardcore adult games that pushed the ps2 and now pushing the ps3. If you look at the direction of MS you may actually have more ammo. If you look at the games they decided to copy you'd see that they were mainly casual games. Buzz---you're in the movies, eyepet---kinectimals singstar---cant remember the name.......Why not copy a god of war or a demons souls. MS and sony both know that the often scorned 'casuals' is a very important market. Any so called hardcore gamer who hasnt played their fair amount of casual games is probably a big fat liar

AceofStaves2919d ago

Exactly. As long as Sony and Microsoft continue to cater to their main fanbase, things will work out. Expanding the market is great. Isolating the core fanbase is a recipe for disaster.

I play all kinds of games, from old school board and card games to what people call 'hardcore,' and most gamers I know have play styles and preferences that are just as varied.

These things aren't black and white, though it seems some gaming media and some gamers prefer to only talk about the hobby in absolute terms.

moho-foe2919d ago

The team Xbox ads all over the article says it all...

shoddy2919d ago

Sony is for all mankind.

young, old, male, female.

Bigpappy2919d ago

On topic: Choice is always a good thing to me.

ico922919d ago

Move is a peripheral, Sony isn't putting all their time ,money ,and rescources on the damn thing, its no different from the wii zapper, eyetoy,its their to give gamers the OPTION, Thats what move is an OPTION.

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MrMccormo2919d ago

Move is an extra direction, not the wrong direction. You notice how they made Move for both the casuals and the hardcore.

It's not like they're closing all of their studios, spending millions on advertising, and continually telling us "MOVE WILL HAVE THE BIGGEST LAUNCH EVER! AND IT HAS SO MUCH POTENTIAL!"

raztad2919d ago

I see what you did there. LMAO

I agree about MOVE being an option as is 3D. BTW, I love PSMOVE. The thing is comfortable and works exceedingly well. I use it even to interact with the XMB and BD movies.

AceofStaves2919d ago

I'm looking forward to trying out the XMB and BD navigation to see how much more accessible the Move is over the controller or BD remote.

doG_beLIEfs2919d ago

However it is a bit touchy. I would like to be able to adjust the sensitivity on the Move for XMB navigagtion....perhaps to slow it down press x and the trigger?

tinybigman2919d ago (Edited 2919d ago )

my bro has Move and i used it over the weekend on the XMB and yea its really fast, almost too fast like DOG said i wonder if you can adjust the sensitivity for the speed.

oh and as for the space requirement ya don't need much as my brothers room isnt that big, and i was only 3-4 feet away from it.

domo3252919d ago

I pretty much agree. The Move is just an extra peripheral, not a mandatory thing. Sony will still cater for both casuals and the hardcore players, so I don't see how this is going the wrong direction.

MysticStrummer2919d ago

It's an option, not a requirement. Diversifying is a good thing.

bastiartadi2919d ago

Give the man his prize. You've got it.

chasegarcia2919d ago

I just got one Navi controller today. Will get two controllers next week. :-)

8-bit2919d ago

I got the Move and nav on launch, then recently bought a second move. Sports Champions is so much better with two moves, no doubt about it.

PSK222919d ago

I think both PS Move and Xbox Kinect is gonna do well. Like said earlier, don't abandon your hardcore/original gamers and everything will be good :)

Fishy Fingers2919d ago (Edited 2919d ago )

They wont abandon them, but obviously resources will have to be shared out. Meaning less for the hardcore pad gamers out there. Plus, hardware resources for games that will support both.

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