9 Free Alternatives To Popular Games

People wait for sequels, but what do they bring? New songs? Characters? Horse armor? However, the scene behind the scenes will never surrender its hard-earned pennies to this corporate machine, and have responded back by cooking up their own versions, made free and with plenty of love.

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bastiartadi2915d ago

I'll be sure to try some of them out.

domo3252915d ago

Awesome alternatives. Would definitely love to try out the Super Mario crossover and the Beats of Rage.

ObsidianSpire2915d ago

Definitely need to check out some of them. :)

chickenbutt2915d ago

Needa try MUGEN. Have heard alot about it.

mokmoof2915d ago

Good stuff. Cave Story truly deserves its heaping helpings of Internet-love.

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