How Much is Mass Effect 2 Really Worth? How about $18? Gamefly Massive Sale Now

TQcast: Are you serious, Mass Effect 2 is now only $18? How did a Game of the Year nominee get its price slashed so quick? Looks like it’s Gamefly’s massive used game sale going on now, that’s how! The list of triple A games under $20, is crazy!

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Count2999d ago

I need to move to America.

Lovable2999d ago

Haha. Same. Here in Canada, it takes forever ti'll the game goes down on price.

Anon19742998d ago

Yeah, considering the Canadian dollar is almost on par with the US, we're getting screwed. Alan Wake just dropped from $70 to $50 in Canada. In the US you can get it for $30. Sure we could order it from the states and pay $15 shipping or whatever, but that's not really the point.

Redrum0592998d ago

thats an epic avatar you have there

maxcer2998d ago

ME2 has been in the $30-$40cdn range for a while now i got mine two months ago for $40

Moonboots2998d ago

Can you guys import from the US? It's all NTSC region right?

Or do you have to pay import fees?

Btw - Anomen your avatar and status message are pure win!

Jaces2998d ago

I got mine for $14, brand new....i win. XD

Moonboots2998d ago

That is a steal for a game of this calibre. If I didn't already own it I would be all over this.

Mr Tretton2998d ago

Honestly I'm just going to wait and see what the PS3 version will offer. I've got plenty to play right now. (including ME1 sitting on the wait list)

STICKzophrenic2998d ago

Splinter cell Conviction for $20?

I paid $5 for it BRAND NEW a few weeks ago, though I have to to open it.

It was on sale at Best Buy for $20, and then in their Gamer magazine, they had a coupon for $15 off. Even if I HATE the game, it's only $5 lol. I'm sure playing the co-op mode will at least be worth the money.

ME2 is a steal for $18. I bought the Collector's Edition, and every DLC they've released and I have easily gotten my money's worth with four play throughs.

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The story is too old to be commented.