Gamereactor International: Dead Rising 2 Review

Bengt Lemne writes:

"Dead Rising 2 is really one of those games that will divide gamers into two camps. On the one hand there are those who absolutely love the premise, and will replay the game over and over again, finding new weapon combinations and killing all the psychopaths saving as many people as possible, perhaps even going for some of the more lofty zombie kill achievements/trophies. On the other hand some people will not stomach things like the lack of checkpoints, having to level up your character and replaying the campaign, shoddy gun play, and the technical shortcomings. I can't turn a blind eye to some of these things, and at times Dead Rising 2 has had me frustrated, yet it's a game that I know I will return to many times, and one that keeps me entertained. It's something a little different, and something that zombie lovers will undoubtedly enjoy. It's a smorgasbord of the dead and I'm having seconds...

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Rrobba3000d ago

Killing Zombies is fun as hell!