Eurogamer Spain: Castlevania: Lords of Shadow Review

I am glad that Castlevania has reborn from the ashes and even more than you have done recovering the original spirit.It's been 20 hours of intense and spectacular game that really made me revive a franchise that believed buried.

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chazjamie2918d ago

i am not sure if i wanna spend my lbp money on this game yet. i was really upset about the delay and i might be tempted to buy this game. but the gametrailers review puts me off a bit. yes i know i shouldnt care, but i am being cautious (this is my lbp money at risk)

Ahasverus2918d ago

I would be in your same position If I wasn't a CV fan... but believe me, their criticisms are ufundamented, I mean, it's a 20+ hrs game, what harm could do 2/3 invisible walls?

2918d ago