New Call of Duty- Black Ops – Gamestop Commercial

New Black Ops Commercial From Gamestop

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RPcinemas2916d ago

lol gamestop make fail commercials

2916d ago
Brklynty12915d ago

ever since pre ordering became the new thing their commercials have failed. the last one that was good was " HOO..LYYY *DING!*

HungPHAT2915d ago

Amazon says hi ! Does GameStop give $20 bonus for buying Black Ops ? Didn't think so ! GS sucks

vickers5002915d ago

I think that deal is no longer active. Not 100% sure though.

CloudGamingHub2916d ago

awesome :D also thank god zombies is confirmed

2916d ago
frankymv2916d ago

I like the MOH gamestop commercial better

2916d ago
2916d ago
2916d ago
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The story is too old to be commented.