GC: Eye up EyeToy Play Astro Zoo

EyeToy Play Astro Zoo finds you trying to catch animals that have escaped from a space zoo and also fixing the zoo, as it's been hit by a comet. Whoops. Sony describes it as a physically active game, which in addition to the main event features plenty of mini-games.


Note: This is a Ps2 Game

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DrWan4080d ago

So this is what Africa is about.

Lightning Mr Bubbles4080d ago

But sounds pretty cool, not really but this a is Wii thing, not cool to me but cool for families and casuals or something.

Siesser4080d ago

This is a PS2 game for the PS2 Eye Toy. Why is it in the PS3 section?

Greysturm4080d ago

Who nows could it come bundled with pseye or something? Taht and there is no ps2 section avalable in the site weird as it stills sells almost as much as two of the next gen combined.

Siesser4080d ago

There is a PS2 section. You have to go the the "More" tab at the top of the page; far right.