F1 2010 Review (Xbox 360, PS3)- Gameplaybook

Codemasters' racing game is a triumph -- though it won't be for everyone.

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Buff10442705d ago

Seems fun. Just not my cup of tea.

kevin360uk2704d ago

More bugs in F1 2010 than a crappy immigrants take away in England

SilentNegotiator2704d ago

That's CodeDisasters for ya.

Antan2704d ago

To many things wrong with it to warrant a purchase.

number472704d ago

Funny how reviewers never go over these things.

2704d ago
iamgoatman2704d ago

Even though I'm a huge F1 fan, I think I'm going to wait for them to patch all the issues before I pick up my copy. Already played it briefly on my cousins 360, and although it was good fun, I did notice a few problems, which is hardly encouraging. Here's hoping they fix everything, and fast.

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