Xbox 360 title Shadowrun discounted to $29

Retailer on Wed. discounted the game title Shadowrun for Microsoft Corp.'s Xbox 360 to $29.99 for online buyers.

The first-person title, released in May, features offline and online cross platform play between Xbox 360 and Windows Vista owners for up to 16 players.

Additionally, the game features split-screen, system link, and LAN multiplayer functionality.

So anyone not purchasing this game because of the price alone should have no worries now.


Sorry I didn't catch this earlier, but the discount goes for the PC version as well.

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Schmitty073958d ago

They are exclusives on different consoles.

Schmitty073958d ago

I regret paying 60 for it.

Crazyglues3958d ago

but at this price that's a hell of a deal...

LOFT3163958d ago (Edited 3958d ago )

care if they give this away with halo 3 i don't want it and i dont want to cross over and play with the pc nerd brigade shove this game were the sun dont shine

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