Edge Interview: Phil Spencer

Edge: In his keynote at this year's Tokyo Game Show, Microsoft Game Studios corporate vice president, Phil Spencer, revealed five new Japanese developed Xbox 360 titles and reaffirmed the company's commitment to Japan. Despite the Xbox 360's lukewarm reception in the region, it remains an important part of Microsoft's strategy.

Kinect represents an opportunity to shake off the western 'shooter-box' image and appeal to a wider domestic audience, and to that end Spencer is keen to foster lasting relationships with Japanese studios. We caught up with him at the show to discuss working with Japanese developers, their influence on Kinect's design and its relevance to the territory.

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Nineball21122973d ago

Edge: Given that living spaces in Japan are typically small, how viable is Kinect in the territory?

PS: Well, this is why we're here, why we have teams in Japan and why we build games in Japan. Europe is very different, going from France, to the UK, to Italy, to southern Europe - all very different tastes, all very different interests. Having developers and a developer platform around the world so that we get regional interest and content is really, really important to us. So having a team here in Japan, based in Tokyo, and working with Japanese developers from the beginning is fundamental to our platform.

SuperStrokey11232973d ago

SO in otherwords we have no answer for that question right now and were hoping someone else will come up with it? Ok then...

shadyiswin2973d ago

Actually I just think that guy is an idiot lol, he totally miss understood the kinect xbox arcade question too lol, he thought the interviewer ment arcades in movies or what have you lol. I love kinect but this guy is kinda dense.

shadyiswin2973d ago

The 360 sold 5,000 in japan last week compared to the usual 1,000 I'm going say it's from the tgs showing looks like they like Kinect and the xbox is outselling the ps3 and wii worldwide.......combined in september so it's in great shape.

SuperStrokey11232973d ago

Going from 1k to 5k is showing that they like kinect? Are you on drugs?

shadyiswin2973d ago

It means there is momentum gain after there tgs showing, so yes what I'm obviously saying is they're interested in the xbox as a whole if kinect is why great if not that's great too, and yes I'm currently on crack, anymore questions sir?

SuperStrokey11232972d ago

Nope, thats answers pretty much everything lol.