GC: Sony announces Go!Explore GPS system for PSP

Sony has just unveiled a new satellite navigation package for PSP at its press conference at Games Convention.

Due for release in the New Year and utilizing the very latest in map data from market leaders TeleAtlas and NavNGo, Go!Explore combines in-car and pedestrian GPS navigation for Sony's handheld.

The package incorporates a GPS receiver and a UMD containing your chosen maps. Go!Explore supports 11 unique audio languages on every geographic version: English, German, French, Dutch, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Danish, Swedish, Norwegian, and Finnish.

As with current GPS applications, the system is future proof, and as such has access to upgradeable maps & points of interest (POI) that can be purchased via the PlayStation Network. Additional maps, POI, downloads and other Wi-Fi features will be made available in the future.

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thereapersson3958d ago

I have been waiting to hear details on the PSP GPS system, and this is just what I wanted to read. Now if we could get a solid release date for the US, i'd be set.

BrotherNick3958d ago

wow, good I need something to dock it to, and maybe a car charger :O

Mikey_Gee3958d ago (Edited 3958d ago )

I love my PSP (plays nice with my 360 as well) and have a million uses for it. But THIS application (GPS) was a huge selling feature for me when buying my PSP.

Glad to see it come to fruition soon.

NOW ......... how much ???

I thought I seen on engadget the $60 area.

SimmoUK3958d ago

get in great idea this will make me pick up a PSP for sure, this plus being able to download video and watch it... when these features are out PSP will sell really well...

BulletToothtony3958d ago (Edited 3958d ago )

i sure need a freaking gps, plus watching recorded family guy and simpsons it's gonna rock.. i just moved to the atlanta metro area.. freaking coming from ft lauderdale.. all these roads are a mess

Snake_Doctor3958d ago

same here, PSP, this, and Kratos

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The story is too old to be commented.