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Kinect: 'Not the new 32X', says Microsoft

Microsoft has pledged a "long-term commitment" to Kinect - and promised that the peripheral won't falter like the infamous Sega 32X. (Industry, Kinect, PS3, Xbox 360)

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Ron Jeremy   1742d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(3)
chasegarcia  +   1742d ago
I also love the Kinect idea. Hope it works great.
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MmaFanQc  +   1742d ago
said the same thing about the eye toy....
after 2-3 games i clearly understood that we HAVE use buttons to do multiple precise things.
vhero  +   1742d ago
I just wonder why its being linked to the 32X already in it's life before being released? The MOVE controllers and other accessories wern't compared to it. Somebody doesn't have faith in Kinect.. Probably just fanboys though.. The price point is still the killer for me though not the games.
n4gno  +   1742d ago
The exposed idea of and eye toy 2.0 in 2008, ok, why not, but ? are you seriously trying to ignore the reality and all the previews/reviews forever ? (like dislek, omega, hennessey, soxfan, shadyism, tymiirulz, and all the multi accounts liars in denial :))

"You cant say Kinect is like 32x without saying Move is as well"

Oh sure.... wait, what ??? if you can read some reviews, check videos of the devices and games, you'll probably never compare eyetoy kinect with pseye + enhanced wiimote++++ and their respectives games : no competition (even if people are dumb enough to buy more kinect)
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saint_john_paul_ii  +   1742d ago | Funny
"Kinect: 'Not the new 32X', says Microsoft"
you're right, this is the Sega activator. The 32x was the HD-DVD add on.
gamingisnotacrime  +   1742d ago
dont be so rude, lol
jneul  +   1742d ago
lol u beat me to it
RageAgainstTheMShine  +   1742d ago
soon xbox 360 exclusives will be mostly Kinect games for kids
M$ is really after the money not great games just making money
they are trying to pull back because the future is so dry
SaiyanFury  +   1742d ago
I hope it works for Microsoft, I truly do. I know I'm in the minority here, but I like my 32X. It doesn't have a huge selection of blockbuster games but it does have a scant few awesome ones to choose from. Shadow Squadron, called Stellar Assault in Europe was one of my favourites. Knuckles Chaotix was also one of my favourite platformers of all time. It was a lousy attempt by SEGA by adding another addon like the SEGA CD (of which I also love), but it does have it's place in history. Hell, don't even buy the system, just try it out with an emulator and see for yourselves. :)
Baka-akaB  +   1742d ago
Yup it's the snes's cd rom player
whitesoxfalife  +   1742d ago
BAKA-AKAB get ya facts straight nintendo was scared of Sony taking over the giants and the game industry which sony did it anyway That was Sony's technology idea moving forward not nintendo failures and look where we at now ......know the history b4 u open ya mouth
Baka-akaB  +   1742d ago
lol it was a joke , everyone knows the player never happened . Take a pill and chill
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hazelamy  +   1741d ago
it sort of happened, sony made it on their own and called it the playstation, the rest, as they say, is history. :)
Apotheosize  +   1742d ago
I think once people buy it and try it out they'll know its bad. Predicting lots of returns
AceofStaves  +   1742d ago
I think that`s the real danger Kinect faces - people buying it, discovering that it doesn`t work as they expect. Or worse, people buying it for the kids for Christmas, and the kids becoming frustrated, or bored, with it very quickly. Both could lead to a lot of returns and bad word-of-mouth.
shadyiswin  +   1742d ago
You guys should play it first....
What's with the obsession that it doesn't work? I played it at macy's in time square and not only does it work, it works great. The boxing game is much more fun than wii's and you start to realize that "hey this thing can actually sense what I'm doing!" . People would try to trick it but its clever and recalibrates instant if thrown off. Joyride has lag but its far from unplayable, the lag is expected that way you can prepare for a turn early, no different than any other racing game. Kinect works just fine and everyone who played it loved it, I'll be honest even people who liked said they would buy it. Too many games coming out was the main reason. All in all if you can try go play it, there's always ps3 fanboys there always waiting in line wanting to confuse the kinect but then you see it's not easy and you don't wanna waste your time looking like an ass after you waited 30 minutes to play. Try before you buy guys. I loved it.
AceofStaves  +   1742d ago

I can't use Kinect, actually. I have mobility and balance impairments that prevent me from standing up without crutches. It's unusable for me.

I have no problem with the ideas behind it, and whether it succeeds or fails makes no difference to me. My concern is that it could turn out to be disastrous for Microsoft if it doesn't work as people expect. Unlike Nintendo, Microsoft doesn't have a stable of family-friendly characters to sell products to kids.

(Sorry for not replying directly to your comment. The site wouldn't allow me to)
bustamove  +   1742d ago
Whatever you say Microsoft.

All I want to see is hardcore games and a non-laggy software. Just MAYBE I'll invest in a 360.
timmyrulz  +   1742d ago
"Just MAYBE I'll invest in a 360."

If you're a true gamer then you would have already invested in a 360, no matter what you think of MS as a corporation there is no doubt the the 360 has some games to play
Reefskye  +   1742d ago
So to be a true gamer I have to have all consoles? I been gaming since the 80's owned every console even the original Xbox, didn't want a 360 cos all the games I wanted to play where available on the PC for less money. I wont invest all that money in a console I will only use for 1 or 2 games I cant get on PC.

and to any list's anyone put's up, I know what exclusives the 360 has and only a few interest me.
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AceofStaves  +   1742d ago
Buying a console that doesn`t suit your gaming needs doesn`t make you a `true gamer.` It makes you an idiot who wastes your money.

Gamers should spend their money wisely - just like all hobbyists. If you prefer certain exclusive titles or are looking for certain features that only one console has, why throw your money away on the others? For bragging rights on teh Internetz?

Pixel prestige won't pay the bill, sorry.
jneul  +   1742d ago
^^yeah except x360 does not have any pixel prestige, uncharted 2 holds the graphics crown at the moment and we all know that's a ps3 game, oh well bots may cry:-D
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timmyrulz  +   1742d ago
Maybe we have different definitions of been a true gamer then.

I bought a PS3 just so that i could play Killone 2,Resistance 2 and Uncharted 1 & 2, thats the only 4 games I now own on the PS3 and i feel privaliged to say that i have played them and i have no regrets on paying £250 just to play these games
Why o why  +   1742d ago
get god of war 3..

get gt5 when it comes out.

Having all consoles doesnt make you a true gamer. Im sure you considered yourself a true gamer long before you owned a ps3. This 'true gamer' is another segregating term like triple A, 'x' killa and concepts like metascore. We dont need it as it does nothing positive for us
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bustamove  +   1742d ago
You don't need to invest in two consoles to be a true gamer. I have a PC, a PSP and a PS3 by the way.

Yes the 360 has games but does it have games *I* want to play that didn't just come out for the PS3?

I wanted Tales of Vesperia - on the PS3
I wanted NG: II - On the PS3 and I have it
I wanted Mass Effect 2 - On the PS3 and Mass Effect might be coming too.
I wanted Star Ocean - On the PS3 and I have it.

I have taste in games, thanks.

darx: We'll see about that. I reckon that Mass Effect's story will most likely be on the PS3's version of Mass Effect 2.
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darx  +   1742d ago
Mass effect won't be
so now yo can go out and get yourself a 360, you true gamer.
Biggest  +   1742d ago
It's better on a PC. Don't waste your money on a 360 for Mass Effect.
Reefskye  +   1742d ago
He has a PC he can easily play it on that. Mass Effect doesn't warrant a 360 purchase.
perfectCarbonara  +   1742d ago
Are they trying to convince themselves now ?
FiftyFourPointTwo  +   1742d ago
Your username and avatar made me hungry. :(
Omega4  +   1742d ago
Wow so much hate in every kinect article. I guess its always the same, hate on whats popular just like Halo. smh


They didn't compare it, its just everyone else believe thats what it will become. They are just reassuring everyone that they won't drop it like the 32x.

There's rarely any hate in any PS3 article cause this site is full of PS3 fanboys.
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Shanks   1742d ago | Immature | show
bustamove  +   1742d ago
Delusions are a bad thing my friend, just saying.

If Microsoft is so confident, then maybe they shouldn't compare this to the 32x?

They're starting to sweat. Like my high school Math teacher says 'That's no good.'
Baka-akaB  +   1742d ago
Wow so much hate in every Sony article. I guess its always the same, hate on whats popular just like Gran turismo .


Why do you deny the years 2007-2009 , your own existence and the one of your fellow trolls ? You aint fooling anyone .
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Chuk5  +   1742d ago
Come on
you no ther is far less hate in sony articles than mircosoft articles as a whole.
buffig  +   1742d ago
I don't think it's the popularity that attracts hate. I think it's when people realise that something will become popular undeservedly. Microsoft have been, in my opinion, very cynical with Kinect. They are roping millions in using promises without foundation. The public have been sold an idea rather than a product. The mockups from E3 planted a seed, "look you can have your own skateboard in the game"..Months later, "actually no you can't, but look you dont need a controller". This appears to be Microsofts approach in every aspect of Kinect. What makes matters worse is that where sony developed an interface that would allow core gamers to play the games they love in new ways, Microsoft have sought to entice new gamers leaving their own core gamers out in the cold. Yet there are so many Xbox owners seemingly ignoring all logic to defend it.. Thats what attracts hate.
cliffbo  +   1742d ago
superb post my friend. absolutely spot on.
blahblah  +   1742d ago
what you described is best description for "everything Microsoft"
same goes for their operating system. before launch promising holly grail of features later shown as cancelled or rehashed old ones.

they are promising object file system from time of NT3.51. in real life... they still barely produce archaic crap like NTFS.

vista had so much promises, but in the end it is rehashed XP. while 7 is nothing but (as i hear, at least done really good) vista+service pack looking and having completely different majorly to avoid any connection with Vista fiasco. just to avoid "quacks like a duck, walks like duck, looks like a duck, it is a fucking duck".

everything ms gets 80% feature cuts on release.

i don't hate MS, i just can't stand them
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btk  +   1742d ago
Maybe because MS is beginning to realize that it is going to flop. First time I have seen so much damage control for a device that is not even released yet.
hazelamy  +   1741d ago
it's because it looks poor overall, and don't say it's all "ps3 fanboys" there's a lot of hardcore 360 players who can't stand kinect either.

it's too expensive, not precise enough and right now doesn't look to have any great games, just stuff along the lines of the wii shovelware catalogue.
DeathGazer  +   1742d ago
MS is getting way too defensive about Kinect.

Not looking good.
Consoldtobots  +   1742d ago
early damage control looks like to me.
Moentjers  +   1742d ago
heads will roll

also a nice song...
slutface  +   1742d ago
Sony never had to defend the Move. The proof is already there. M$ is just smoke and mirrors as usual. Kinect should just come out and fail already.
divideby0  +   1742d ago
^spot on... I aint buying either this year. But its clear that move is capable of playing REAL games... Kin. eventually will.

and I do agree MS is getting defensive about it...what did they expect...
jneul  +   1742d ago
blodulv  +   1742d ago
Kinect not becoming the next 32X (or failed peripheral for that matter) isn't for Microsoft to decide. It's up to the paying consumers.

We all saw how quickly they canned their new phone... if teh salezzz aren't there for Kinect why would it be any different.
hazelamy  +   1741d ago
yeah, they'll drop it in a heartbeat if it bombs.
badkolo  +   1742d ago
I hate kinects lag, but then while i was using the pc yesterday i realized my gut is getting bigger so now i have to get kinect becuase i wont excersise on my own but this will get me off my fattening A$$
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jneul  +   1742d ago
Why not get move, it's very good exercise and works and is fun and has core games too as advertised
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Clarence  +   1742d ago
With M$ track record if kinect doesn't sell it be like the first xbox and that phone they tried to bring out cancelled.
divideby0  +   1742d ago
why didnt MS use the HDDVD drive as an example...hmmmm

Kinect is gonna sell well to the new and casual gamers.. MS will get more Live subs..hence they increased the price of Live...
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Consoldtobots  +   1742d ago
the only kinect that will be going on is MS + sucker's money.
lightningsax  +   1742d ago
I think they're trying to say it's not going to be a bad revival of an old system, but that analogy is way off.

The big reason why the 32X got no support from either developers or buyers was because gamers knew the new systems were on their way. Everyone knew there was going to be a Sega Saturn by the time the 32X was announced; it seemed silly to buy in - why not just save the cash for the next system?

Of course, we all know how that went - Sony announced the PS1 would be 299, blowing Saturn out of the water, which did bury awesome games like Panzer Dragoon Saga in the "Sell it on Ebay for a First Born Child" graveyard.

Kinect is not in line for that analogy. In fact, both Kinect and Move hardly have an analogue at all, since the new consoles should have been announced by now.
dirtydbz  +   1742d ago
that was well said I noticed in a lot of articles both sony and ms are treating this like a new console launch ( even though they are just controllers)
the only advantage move has over the kinect it the ablity patch it for games that were already out ( somthing ms seems to have no interest in) honestly I think that is kinect's downfall sony went and gave some games replay value that wasn't there before and it sounds like sony wont let any company patch for move ( assuring quality)
it's still to early to talk ( move could still fail)
1 thing I do know I only have enough time for one console I chose a ps3 cause well I thought final fantasy was going to be a sony exclucive (didn't turn out to be) but I won't buy a kinect even if I did like it
I don't pray for kinect to fail it's better for gamer's if they don't
that is one thing fanboy's don't understand compitition makes things better for us as a whole
whitesoxfalife  +   1742d ago
I guess everybody forgot the word "CONFIDENCE" means oh wait everybody does know what it means from the looks what everybody is saying yall is confident that kinect will fail........ im glad im learning something new everyday on n4g i tell you.....I know it will succeed cuz i have confidence in the product....wait why is im still arguing with the "SONAIRS" for... i just lost my confidence dammmm
FiftyFourPointTwo  +   1742d ago
"I know it will succeed cuz i have confidence in the product"

number47  +   1742d ago
They have to pretend its going to work/have games, since theres nothing after gears.
They have no choice but to feign confidence in a device that is shown in 90% of youtube demos not working.

They have no choice but to feign confidence in a device that doesn't work with any ANY any hardcore games.

They have no choice but to feign confidence in a device that doesn't even do wii-rip offs for the casual audience, since it cant.

the 360 had a good run, but I wouldn't doubt MS will drop it as they did the Xbox1. They have a history of it.
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plb  +   1742d ago
It's the Sega CD
meatnormous  +   1742d ago
The Sega Cd had some great rpg games. The Kinect has a damn animal game, i would rather play Lunar on the Sega CD.
DJMarty  +   1742d ago
Kinects a Joke
It's gonna go the same way as HD DVD. An expensive add-on with little support. The limitations will make that a sure thing.

BUTTONS required. MOVE says hi.:D
lowcarb  +   1742d ago
I really do hope Kinect succeeds and delivers just to hear the spin.
Moentjers  +   1742d ago
I hope to win the lottery one day
gamingisnotacrime  +   1742d ago
MS says $$$$$$$
all i care is the games, so stop talking and start delivering.

Kinect success would be goos for the industry. when a product fails nobody wins. the early adopters get nailed and many others are dissapointed

I dont like Ninty but the DS lite is sweet, and the 3DS is looking to give the PSP 2 a another tough cycle.
PSP 2 is going to be sweet, imo the 3DS has more appeal with the touch screen + 3D without glasses, impressive
REDHULKSMASH  +   1742d ago
Kinnect will fail so Xbox 720 can come early
That's what ms wants. Noone wants to buy kinnect just to do simulated twister. Noone I know would play it even if they got it free. It's another hddvd dud.
tiamat5  +   1742d ago
It will just go unfairly as usual. Sony will make the better tech, Microsoft will half @$$ it as usual and they will get the sales despite the proof that Sony's device is better or more versatile. I look at Kinect and it looks like it will break the moment it accidentally hits the floor. I can already see the constant patches, the errors, the claims that it is ONLY 40% of Kinects that do what ever happens and Microsoft jumping to cover their @$$es.I mean look at all the $50.00 shovelware and dance games everyone is defending the Kinect with while we have games that are even less then $40.00 that everyone is having a blast with and people are missing out on because everyone keeps claiming that Move is just a Wii mote clone while pretending that Kinect isn't just another Eyetoy.PS3 all over again
bviperz  +   1742d ago
Sounds about right. No matters, it's a sick and twisted world we live in and the gaming world is no different. As long as Sony keeps it coming with the variety of fresh exclusives for the core, I'm not worried. MS on the other hand...
HeartDisease  +   1742d ago
i hope kinect does not fail. i think theres some potential in it, but devs are somehow forbidden from making a game that uses a control and kinect at the same time. it seems MS has a taboo against that. it MUST be controller free device.

the reason i hope it does not fail is that it will extend the current console generation by a few years. next gen consoles are not needed right now. you may be eager to spend your cash on the new shinyshiny but im not. currently we already wait 2-5 years for quality games that use all of a consoles power to be produced. wait till next gen when that increases along with the price of games. also competition in the game industry leads to win for all consumers.
dirtydbz  +   1742d ago
I can't belive anyone disagreed with that we all win when there is competition
Leathersoup  +   1742d ago
I think I'm going to pass on Kinect.
Everything I've heard MS say about Kinect has been the same thing over and over. They're not showing all sorts of awesome stuff being done with it. They're showing the same Wii Sports type crap or things that could be done on the Eye Toy.
Orionsangel  +   1742d ago
Kinect is dangerous and I have the proof.

SuperStrokey1123  +   1742d ago
The fact that they are even mentioning it means they are worried about it... this is not good news for kinect at all...
btk  +   1742d ago
Spot on. Damage control before it releases.
dizzleK   1742d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(1)
0oAngeluso0  +   1742d ago
You cant say Kinect is like 32x without saying Move is as well
I guess people overlook things from Sony though. Sheesh, Kinect is looking good to me, I pre ordered it right after E3. It's a totally different day and age now. Had there been magazines and shows supporting games and gaming back then, some of those add on's might have caught on a bit better. I actually had a 32x and it was okay, but should have been it's own console. Kinect is pretty much a "soft" console in itself. Same with Move. Given the economy, these are cheaper alternatives and innovative, which seems to be popular these days. I guess when Kinect is doing well, people will find something else to complain about.
Raoh  +   1742d ago
its not kinect thats the problem.. had they launched their own controllers even a sixaxis controller they would really kill the industry..

they would be better than the wii and the eyetoy.. but they are relying on no controller only for kinect thats a bad move then say there will be kinect controller games, well thats kills your you are the controller idea just do both ...
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