GC: Buzz PS3 unveiled

Sony has unveiled the next-generation of Buzz! quiz games in its Games Convention 2007 conference. Dubbed Buzz! Quiz TV, its main attraction will be the integration of the PlayStation Network, effectively opening the game up to you lot, the community

So, you'll be able to play people from all over the world rather than your slightly-too-clever flatmate, on your own, or in teams - just like on Family Fortunes.

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Real Gambler4080d ago

"And a new style wireless buzzer? No news just yet."

The controller are just fine! More than enough buttons!

The Wood4080d ago

has now opened up itself to the masses. Although its not apparent now. This is a HUGH step towards the ps3 being the most diverse console to date.

Eye toy games

Guncon games

Guitar games
Band games

Vocal games (mic)

Motion control games

Buzz games

ps3 = familystation 3

Greysturm4080d ago

Acompannied by all the flame,

Scene it vs Buzzer
May the most lame upgrading of a tabletop game win.

SimmoUK4080d ago

You can select different categories now like sport or history, so you can do them instead of general, play online, better graphics obviously, make your own quiz questions and other stuff...

BlackIceJoe4080d ago

Well this is neat. I think this could be a big hit this time around. May be you could buy another game for Buzz for like 5 dollars over 30 for a new game with more buzzers. I think it is great Sony is bringing out more casual games.