NowGamer Review: Castlevania: Lords Of Shadow (PS3)

What is it with boss battles? Why, oh why, is it so hard not to make them really annoying? The number of times we find ourselves saying, “Oh yeah, great game… awful boss battles, though” you’d think developers would have started to cotton on. If PlatinumGames can do boss battles that don’t feel like a chore, why do so many other studios fail...?

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perfectCarbonara2703d ago

They're bosses, they're supposed to be annoying.

T9X692703d ago

No, boss battles are suppose to be epic, fun, amazing, challenging, and rememberable, not annoying. Bosses can be challenging without being annoying.

Why o why2703d ago (Edited 2703d ago )

....god of war 3 boss fight;)

either way ill be grabbing this one

@ Panaru
Same reviewer, slightly different score ??

Panaru2703d ago

No, two different reviewers, but they both write for the same website. One was reviewing the PS3 copy, and the other a 360 copy, but since they're the same game, the boss battles are the yeah.

GrandDragon2703d ago

I seem to remember enjoying the fact that bosses were difficult since that's what made me appreciate the game even more! The feeling of finally having accomplished an objective made anticipating the next stage that much more enjoyable.

Everything becomes that much more worthwhile and memorable if you exert effort.

Devil May Cry and Final Fantasy both had very strong bosses.

plb2703d ago

Reviewer should stay away from Demons souls then.

Philoctetes2703d ago

Most of the bosses in Demon's Souls were extremely easy. The only one that might give a person real problems is Maneater. Every other boss is either a pushover or can be glitched. Even Maneater can be semi-glitched.

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Christopher2703d ago

***We don’t have the answer, but we can tell you that the boss battles in this game are mostly very samey, boring and annoying.***

Exact same thing I said last week that got me tons of disagrees.

It's good that the rest of the game is worth the price, though. But, have been very disappointed with what I've seen of boss battles so far.

Panaru2703d ago

This guy has no problems with the boss battles. By the way, notice that the reviewer's profile in the article says his specialty is Strategy games.

The reviewer in the link I posted has a specialty of Beat 'em ups.

Gee, I wonder why Mr. Strategy had a problem with the boss battles. Maybe they were too hard for him.

fastrez2703d ago

That's just stupid logic...wait, it's not even logic at all.

Panaru2703d ago

How is it illogical? A guy who likes Strategy games most has problems with boss fights while a guy who actually likes beat 'em ups the most has no problems with the bosses?

If you don't understand that logic, something's wrong.

skyward2703d ago

I would actually debate that they're the wrong way around - there's usually a fair amount of strategy to bosses, rather than out and out button mashing ... think you're reading too much into it!

Panaru2703d ago

The kind of strategy required for bosses in action games isn't the same kind of strategy required for a full-blown strategy game. Unless of course a person is keen on the idea of pausing the action to think about their next move.

In that case, the appeal of a fast-paced battle is likely lost on them.

And that, I think, is the Strategy reviewer's problem with the boss fights.

SuperMassiveGav2702d ago

I like pretty much every type of game, but I have to pick a specialty. Everyone who has played this game has had trouble with the boss battles, and it's not just a question of difficulty. They're samey and annoying.

Cloudberry2703d ago

Looking forward to it.

2703d ago
Feckles2703d ago

Love God Of War, so fingers crossed this will be better than Dante's Inferno: a poor facsimile of GOW.

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