GC: Oh boy, it's six new Killzone 2 shots

Early 2008 is still the only date we have for Sony's PS3 flagship FPS Killzone 2, but never mind - because CVG has six new screenshots for your viewing pleasure.

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thereapersson4136d ago

Look at the faces on the characters. Very nice!

larry0074136d ago (Edited 4136d ago )

that low powered defective x360 is surely dead by now

BTW people

***************************** ****************************** * ***********

BIOSHOCK has flopped BIG TIME on XBOX 360

The 360 version has only sold 48000 copies till yesterday

The PC version did worse .It sold only 23000 copies till yesterday

Poor 2k games.

This is what happenes when you choose a defective console

***************************** ****************************** * ***

shysun4136d ago

Larry I own a PS3 but you're wrong about Bioshock. Are you joking?

BIadestarX4136d ago

No he is not joking.. He actually believe what he is saying... ohh yeah... and the 6+ people that agree with him. And then you ask... why XBox 360 fans response to fools like this?
Seriously you should blame your own fanboys about so much hostality about the PS3... It's only natural for something to want to prove this fool wrong.

Blitzed4136d ago

2 comments in and already this becomes a pissing contest with the 360.

Why cant this just be about how incredible this game alreday looks this far out from release. If the gameplay even comes close to matching how the graphics are shaping up its going to be awsome.

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D R Fz4136d ago

So much going on in just that one shot makes me happy to be a ps3 owner

thereapersson4136d ago

I especially love the look of the Helghast. They have a very "jin-roh"-esque look to the face masks, which is always cool.

timmyp534136d ago

i have to say this again.. i just love the art style... it is beautiful.

HeartlesskizZ4136d ago

This game looks 2 good. I hope MGS4 date is not same with
this game as im going to be to bussy with it online

achira4136d ago (Edited 4136d ago )

this game destroys everything. i like how the helghast looks. wow, and this ambient occlusion makes it far more realistic.

ALI-G4136d ago

Graphicly i do not think any game top MGS4=it has the best lightning/art style.... plus it way much harder to keep the graphic top notch in clean environment like MGS4 than dark environment like GEARS/KILLZONE.