Making Of Castlevania: Symphony Of The Night

In celebration of the release of Castlevania: Lords Of Shadow, NowGamer take a look at the making of the classic Castlevania title, Symphony Of The Night...

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neogeo2973d ago

best game eva! I also like a few of the DS games. I can't wait for this

-Judge_Fudge2973d ago

i agree but not the best game evar but in the top 15

GuruStarr782973d ago

I agree.....I liked Aria of Sorrow and Portrait of Ruin just as much though.

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dalibor2973d ago

I heard from someone that in the upside down castle in the library room there is supposed to be a super powerful weapon that an enemy drops. Forgot the name of the said enemy or weapon. Don't even know if it's even true. Still a hell of a fun game. To bad you don't get platinum trophies for those PS1 games through PSN. Would have gotten the platinum for this, Crash Bandicoot and Nuclear Strike. Silent Hill is up next for my PS1 classic to beat, going to be tough.

dredgewalker2973d ago

The name of that weapon is Crissaegrim.......its in the inverted library and you get it from the Schmoo....but it makes the game super easy when you get it.

GodsHand2973d ago

I forgot the name of the sheild (Maybe real Allucards sheild), and rod that you can use together, and as long as you had your shield out it would damage enemies, and make you almost untouchable.

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