Activision Developers 'Have To Earn' New IPs, Says Bobby Kotick

Bobby Kotick, CEO of Activision, one of the most successful game publishers/developers, feels his firm's devs "have to earn the right" to create new IPs.

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xYLeinen2975d ago

Wonder how many iterations how Modern Warfare Infinity Ward would have to do before they would be able to create a new IP.

Yi-Long2975d ago

... with all these idiotic comments lately.

I guess he's just hoping for a big nice fat severance pay-check.

nikkisixx22975d ago

Isn't he the CEO? How does he get fired? :(

OpenGL2975d ago

By the board of directors?

MrMccormo2975d ago

"Earn the right".

In other words, you can say goodbye for creative developers making their game for Activision. If you haven't "earned the right", you make what we say that you make!

CrIpPeN2975d ago

Yeah I guess it wasn't enough! :P

morkendo232975d ago

??what sh't is he smoking?? should be a normal thing to do. only thing I see dev. should be doing is EARNING a pay CHECK!!

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PirateThom2975d ago

Earn the right?


IP is successful, you'll make them churn out game after game of the same IP.

IP is a failure, you'll make them churn out new versions of an existing IP or close them.

What new IPs will Treyarch make? Or the remains of Infinity Ward?

Baka-akaB2975d ago (Edited 2975d ago )

seriously this makes very little sense .

Prototype was basically Hulk ultimate destruction with a new setting , and happened because Radical had no big established ip to fall back onto , aside from the now fallen crash bandicoot franchise .

Blur happened because Bizzare Creations studio didnt own Gotham racing .

And dj hero is barely a new ip , its guitar hero turned dj .

How exactly did they "earn" those projects ?

T9X692975d ago

GH turned DJ? Wtf have you been smoking, have you even played DJ Hero, besides both of them being music games, have "Hero" in the name, and a simliar HUD, they are completely different in every way. Activision may be one of the worst companies known to man because of Kotick, but DJ Hero was an awesome game and actually took skills.

Baka-akaB2975d ago

never said it wasnt a good game . Nor that the others arent .

It just the outlook i have on their "new ips"

MrMccormo2975d ago


DJ Hero was developed by a different team than the Guitar Hero team. Also, it came about as quickly as possible to beat Konami to the DJ music game scene.

lonix2975d ago

Doesn't know when to keep his mouth shut, does he?

CrIpPeN2975d ago

haha you get the rope and I get the tape!

CrawFail2975d ago

screw that, let's just bury him alive

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