GameSpot: GC 07: Gran Turismo 5 Prologue Hands-On

There are two versions of Sony's upcoming real driving simulator Gran Turismo 5 Prologue there at the 2007 Leipzig Games Convention; though it's probably more fair to call them slightly different aspects of the same game. In fact, if you want to be entirely accurate, you could say that there's actually three versions of the Gran Turismo series, if you count the downloadable Gran Turismo demo that's currently available on the PlayStation Network. Nonetheless, as GameSpot were roaming the massive Sony space in Hall 3 of the Leipziger Messe in search of all things Gran Turismo, their focus was on the two versions of Prologue.

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thereapersson4135d ago

Hopefully they make the AI realistic and the physics believable. Other than that, the game is looking sweet!

nomuken4135d ago (Edited 4135d ago )

Gran turismo's physics are the most realistic of any driving game. BTW play the game with a wheel (G25) not a controller.

JOLLY1, Your a dipshat, GT4 was built with a wheel not the bloody controller, play with the wheel... The whole game changes.

JOLLY14135d ago

I recently purchased a ps2 and gt4 bundle at Costco and I think this game sucks! I love all the cars I think the UI is great. The physics are horrible though. You hit the gas and the cars goes perfectly straight. If you do that in a real car the car wil go all over the place. I don't know if you have really looked at the physics or not, but this games physics are terrible.

thereapersson4135d ago

Unless you are driving on ice, I don't know how you equate that to happening in real life, especially if you have traction control and ECS on a vehicle. Your post doesn't make any sense.

JOLLY14135d ago (Edited 4135d ago )

Get in a rear wheel drive car......slam the throttle and let go of the wheel and tell me what happens. I will tell you what it doesn't do....go straight. ACtually try it in any car front, rear or all, They don't go straight.

Rock Bottom4135d ago

Just turn off the driving aids and start, then come again and post about physics.

JOLLY14135d ago

Trust me that's the first thing I did. It made my rear wheels kick out while in a corner. It still desn't help on a straight while you are peeling out.

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Black_McGrath4135d ago

If GTHD already looks amazing I can't wait to see what GT5 has in store for us.

The KEN KUTARAGI4135d ago

It is highly unlikely that this game will be as good as FORZA 2.
It will look great, and play ok, but I don't see it having the replay value and the online componenet that can compete with FORZA 2. FORZA 2 also displayed some of the best racing AI I've ever encountered in a game IMHO.

nomuken4135d ago

Is an arcade game when it comes to driving physics, now get lost.

thereapersson4135d ago

What's the difference between Forza's physics and GT's? Why does everyone say Forza has better physics and driving mechanics?

JOLLY14135d ago

You really should at least try it. I have heard a lot of people say how wonderful the physics are in gt4, that's why I purchased the system and the game. I own Forza and totally love it. I do a lot (a few races a year) of racing. Forza is very close to real life.

The KEN KUTARAGI4135d ago

The telemetry in FORZA 2 is insane.
It has a very intensive physics engine. The most advance to ever grace a racing game.
Sure there are glitches when the game is subject to lag. But you won't find many youtube videos out there of unrealistic physics in the single player game.
Almost every aspect of the car and driving surface is monitored realistically by the game engine. A few examples that you can access in real time on the HUD are:

Down force
Tire temperature
Horsepower output
G- force

It goes on and on. For anyone who thinks the game is an ARCADE racer, just read the details here


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xaphanze4135d ago

''One other crucial difference between the two versions of Prologue was the appearance of rumble in the racing cabinet version of the game. The rumble feedback was fairly light and mainly noticeable when driving over the rumble strips that line the side of the circuit. Naturally, rumble wasn't present when playing with the Sixaxis-controlled version of the game. Still the fact that it was present in the other version gives us hope that we won't be rumble-free for long once Gran Turismo 5 is released.''

they confirmed rumble?

The KEN KUTARAGI4135d ago

"in the racing cabinet version of the game."

As in, the race setup with the wheel, pedals and seat

LOFT3164135d ago

series on the playstation 2 always looked ahead of what was on offer at the time and this will be another mighty fine title with more cars more tracks online racing gonna be good

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