Castlevania : The Dracula X Chronicles GC07's trailer has just published another trailer (via Gametrailers) of Castlevania : The Dracula X Chronicles, showing Konami's work on the 3D graphics and some kinematics scenes.

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thereapersson3982d ago

I'll be picking this game up for my PSP for sure

LeShin3982d ago

Great trailer, great music. First day purchase! Konami, this is what I want from my psp classics like this. (Hopes for a psp updated Contra now :))

Figboy3982d ago

i love the Castlevania series, and am really looking forward to trying out Rondo of Blood for the first time. day one purchase for certain, and i may even upgrade my PSP firmware (unless i buy the PSP Slim beforehand).

Longcry3982d ago

I love Castlevania series too. I can't wait until the game to come out this fall. I'm planning to buy a PSP Slim when it release.

Rock Bottom3982d ago

I heard that Castlevania:SON is an unlockable extra in this game, is it true?

WilliamRLBaker3982d ago

its available from the start and its not just the game, Its been remade, better translation, general clean up of the sprites...ect they've added in all the stuff from the saturn version...ect and the deleted stuff from the original game.

As well maria, and richter are playable from the start.

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