F1 2010 Corrupt Saves Fix Promised

Eurogamer writes: "A patch that addresses corrupt game saves in F1 2010 is in the works at Codemasters, the UK company has confirmed.

Players had reported issues with the recently released racer – currently Britain's best-selling game – in spiralling threads on Codemasters' forum."

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WildArmed3001d ago (Edited 3001d ago )

That was fast...

How is F1 2010? My dad wants to play a racing game.. and all I got is Burnout Paradise and Motorstorm.. and he aint happy w/ the current choices lol

nix3001d ago (Edited 3001d ago )

i was really interested.. but it just doesn't feel right. the cars still 'float'. i tried MP last night and it was wonky. i braked and the darn car just skidded straight... totally different from what happens when i am playing single player. there is absolutely no sense of speed. at least for me!

WildArmed3001d ago

so hold out for Gt5? o_o

nix3000d ago

i bought it nevertheless.. was dying for F1 dose.

Psychotica3000d ago

I got it for the PC and it's awesome...