SCEA Planning Action Against PSGroove, PSFreedom, and OpenPSJailbreak

"garyopa over at PSX-Scene has recently done some digging, and uncovered all documents relating to the current Sony legal cases. One very interesting point is that Sony is planning action against the PSGroove, PSFreedom, and OpenPSJailbreak teams."

"Sony is even using printouts from various blogs and news sites, as exhibits in their cases. These websites include PSX-Scene, PS3News, exophase and several others. On one such printout, the well known console hacking enthusiast, Mathiuelh, is even named as one of the creators of the PSGroove code. To quote: “Mathieu Hervais told BBC News he was one of about 20 hackers involved in PSGroove’s development.” It appears Sony is actively pursuing these individuals in a mad scramble to prevent further distribution and updates to the PSGroove code."

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manky2974d ago

Good luck Sony. I'm sure you'll convince the Judge that these people are adversely affecting your business. Afterall, it's not like you've done anything recently to adversely affect your business... you know like disabling some 3rd party add-ons, removing OtherOS and generally acting like idiots.

Something is going very wrong with your strategy for this console - perhaps you should stop spending money on pointless court cases and concentrate on making some games that are worth playing....

1. Wii – 70.9 million as of 31 March 2010 (2010 -03-31)
2. Xbox 360 – 41.7 million as of 23 July 2010 (2010 -07-23)
3. PlayStation 3 – 38.1 million as of 30 June 2010 (2010 -06-30)

PS - I still don't forgive you for shutting down Lik-Sang

PirateThom2974d ago

"concentrate on making some games that are worth playing.... "

Are you actually serious?

Seriously serious?

You're beyond reasoning.

tdogg060519912974d ago

If anything I am a Sony Fanboy and I love Sony but they will never be able to stop this its as free and LEGAL as jailbreaking an iphone which actually is legal. They can't and won't be able to pull it off. The movie industry, 360, Wii all couldn't do it. You can't censor people believe it or not I want to see Sony lose this one.

supremacy2974d ago (Edited 2974d ago )

It is these types of actions that start a trend, sony was able to do somethings earlier on in australia.

If anything is missing from your console, than blame the the hackers not sony.

For had they tried their best to accomidate their consumers with a premiun console in the ps3 with some unique feature sets they have been force to remove little by little. But its like I let you in my house, now you want to take over? I dont think so.

And yes sony is still making great games as we speak (as it currently stands they have quite a handful of games coming out toward the end of this year and into the next), it seems to me some people think sony is run by two guys. When reality is, its run by multiple divisions and such. Sony is a giant, not a small entry level company waiting to make some kind of impact.

I believe they know all too well what they are doing, if they fail to get what they want so be it. But I cant wish them luck for something they might end up in bed with the judge over.

All I can say is, i am glad they are considering taking some action. Sooner or later companies will follow suite and some business that rely heavily of making profits of big companies via these channels will be force to close shop.

And the only thing left, will be legit and certifications.