GC: Quake Wars - Nine new shots, one new trailer

Enemy Territory: Quake Wars finally arrives on September 28 here in Old Blighty (well, the PC version does anyway), but in the meantime you can clap your eyes on the latest screenshot deluge and new trailer that's shot its way out the Leipzig Games Convention.

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CamelBoy4080d ago

again, this is the 1st original trailer from quake wars that we've all seen over and over :(

Kleptic4080d ago

I am trying to get into this game...I loved Quake II and Quake 4 was pretty good too (mostly because Doom 3 was horrible)...and the Strogg are a pretty cool Sci-Fi concept...

but the game looks hugely least gameplay wise...I know it has lots of battlefield like vehicle placements, and the need for teamwork...but its pace seems the same as Battlefield 1942...something I have played to death, and this game doesn't look any better either...

Warhawk is taking the vehicle based combat games in the direction that I want for now...still lots of teamwork...but less realistic vehicles and a whole bunch more carnage at once...I don't know, maybe when more trailers and stuff come out for ET QW it will look more appealing, but for now...there are about 6 shooters coming out soon that all fall in front of this game...