GT5/PS3 Bundle for Europe, PS3 Slim Faceplate for AUS & Possibly US

For those of you in Europe waiting to pick up a PlayStation 3 until you can actually play Gran Turismo 5, you may want to take notice of the new PS3 (320GB)/GT5:CE bundle that’s hitting web retailers in Europe.

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Pandemic2878d ago

Hopefully the Faceplate becomes available in the US.

tacosRcool2878d ago

For the PS3 slime and my fat PS3!

Cyrax_872878d ago

us aussies are getting some love, finally :)

Pandemic2878d ago

Mmm, unfortunately it's a rare occurrence for Australians to get something exclusive.

LeonSKennedy4Life2878d ago

How do you...put the faceplate on?

TheBest2878d ago

That's what I'd like to know.

I'm sure they'd provide some instructions when you go to purchase it though... hopefully.

NitrousX2878d ago

Wow what great bundle, do you guys think it'll be around the same price as the PS Move bundle with the slim? If i did'nt already of bought my PS3 this month i would of saved for this bundle. Anyway bring on GT5 the EXCITEMENT IS TOO AMENSE TO MISS OUT ON!! xD

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