Xbox 360 version of PES 2008 looks the most promising.

Winning are in Leipzig and have played the game, They have played all the versions of the game, From first impressions the Xbox 360 version of PES 2008 looks the most promising, The PS3 version on the other hand looks like it is behind in development, although Konami claim that they are both at 75% completion, The colours on the PS3 version also look slightly washed out.

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thereapersson3740d ago (Edited 3740d ago )


More flaming for the sake of hits on an article...

ALI-G3740d ago

and around 200 comment

Mk Red3740d ago

Another +1 for Xbox360 multi-platform titles

thereapersson3740d ago

Welcome to the ignore button!

Mk Red3740d ago

I don't think that comment warranted being ignored.
I'm just saying, it follows the trend of games looking better on the Xbox360 than the PS3. Nothing outlandish about that is there?

The KEN KUTARAGI3740d ago

This is a trend... not really that surprising.
Nothing to flame about.
I think the PS3 owners are getting used to the idea that they spent more money to play games that look worse.

closedxxx3740d ago

I blame the developers for all of these games that could look as good or better on the PS3, but end up being better for gthe Xbox360.
SONY needs to put the pressure on them with tighter quality control

JUSTaGAME3740d ago

Those of us that own a PS3 deserve the best quality games out there.
There is no excuse for lazy developers to turn out inferior products if the PS3 is in fact "Easy to develope" for as some devs have said
Maybe it's just proof that the PS3 is not as easy as some have claimed. That's all I can think of

BulletToothtony3740d ago

that in the way he's reporting this he doesn't sound like trying to inform, but just being a fanboy.. saying.. yes it's confirmed, the 360 looks better..

there's so many of these threads out there of versus pics.. and in some the ps3 clearly looks better and they still say that the 360 looks better, and everyone agrees.. it doesn't matter what some fanboy says..

konami seems to be getting pretty good with the ps3 anyhow, i'm pretty sure this is our typical fanboy shout..

it's like someone going there and reporting that a blank game looks so much better on the ps3.. none of the box fans believe it.. but if it's the other way around then it's true.. it's pathetic

diatom3740d ago (Edited 3740d ago )

"The PS3 version on the other hand looks like it is behind in development, although Konami claim that they are both at 75% completion"

So this guy knows more about the game then the developer because he saw it at a convention?

Gizmo_Logix3740d ago (Edited 3740d ago )

LOL! Look at the xbots flame away. As these multi-plats get released the xbots keep throwing stones. The PS3 just keep chugging away and getting better and better. Look at Oblivion. A real big project that looks better, loads a faster and has more content than the 360. The xbots haven't lived that one over. They still have nightmares about that to this day. Any time these smaller games are used against the PS3. The PS3 just moves right along untouched. But any time a PS3 games look better than a 360 game. It's devastating!

Well get used to it xbox boys. It's going to take about 18 months to get the multiplatform games worked out. In the mean time a game here or a game there will pop up and out prerform the 360 versions which will be more common. I mean, if the 360 starts to lose its "better looking games." Uh oh! RROD and worst looking graphics?!!

LOL! That will be the xbots nightmare!

It will happen. I will happen! :D

barom3740d ago

Such a shame if the final product will be like this. I was actually thinking of getting this game for my PS3. Guess I'll have to wait till I see some reviews now.

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ReconHope3740d ago

they say the ps3 looks farther behind in development but why would they post up the ps3 version video of the face models to show off the game?

BADBOYEK43740d ago

I think the PS3 is the leading platform for this game.anyway Im not suprised.

Bordel_19003740d ago

The PS3 video looked very good.

The article doesn't say anything about why they think the X360 version is more promising.

SmokeyMcBear3740d ago

official pic for this thread..

have at it flamers

Mk Red3740d ago

Nice.... love the denim

Cutnell3740d ago


Second, This article sucks.

achira3740d ago

lol a xbot article. pure bs.

thereapersson3740d ago (Edited 3740d ago )

Don't be so blatant. I'm sure both versions are going to play magnificently, and Konami even stated in previous interviews that the PS3 version is coming along well.

Besides, that blog is a PES blog and has nothing to do with Microsoft or the 360. They were just stating a particular observation that they made.

edit: lmfao @ bill gate5. keep trying, since I can't see what you are saying...

Mk Red3740d ago

Just like all of the other XBOXT articles regarding the dozen or so other multi-platform games that are better on the 360???

You be straight trippin' Boo

Anything but Cute3740d ago

You gotta provide video camparisons. I don't think this should be approved the way it is. It's just someone saying something that will start a flame war.

I just find this hard to believe, this is Konami not EA.

Hugh Hefner3740d ago

It doen't matter that it is Konami. The PS3 is harder to develop for for anyone (Ubisoft comments to the contrary are pure PR attempts to sell GRAW 2 on PS3). If the PS3 is the lead platform, and you guys know that Konami is a loyal Sony supporter... what would you say if this game turns out better on the 360??? Would you guys finally admit that the PS3 is not all that that Sony hyped it up to be???

BulletToothtony3740d ago

but just look at killzone or mgs4, it's not so hard to see it.. it's just hard to accept it

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