Madden 08 worth the purchase?

One of the Loot Ninja editor's brought you a full review of the new Madden 08 game for the Xbox 360 and for the most part it was very positive and he went as far as to call it "the best football game to ever hit next gen" but another editor has a bit of a different opinion. He see it as a solid game, but not worth the purchase as it has not evolved enough from it's other iterations.

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Anything but Cute4135d ago

If you've played Madden 05, 06 on PS2 you'll be tired of the same thing in about half an hour.

SmokeyMcBear4135d ago

actually i gotta admit, there are some welcome changes in this iteration of madden. The gang tackling is a welcome addition. I hated having the DT tackle the running back while falling forward, and no matter how many defenders bounced off of him while being tackled, the rb still got the first down, not anymore, momentum can be changed. The lateral and fake lateral are something that I thought was cool in NCAA with the option plays, and now I can fake out defenders with it. There seems to be a lot of ways you can break away from tackles now, lots of different little jukes to adjust to oncoming defenders. The hitstick 2.0 is awesome, the going for the legs or head option is great, especially with 2 player coop and you are both going after the same guy. The catching animations are really cool too.

I do have some gripes though, and im not sure if they have this in the 360 version, but wtf is up with the crowds, just disgusting pixelated crap in the background. The weird hovering around a fallen opponent, all the farking fumbles, seriously, its like some games have fumbelitis turned on or something. How come I don't have skills drills, when the ps2 does, that looks like fun. Im sure I'll find more. Is it worth 60 bucks, probably not, not many games are actually.

taz80804135d ago

yeah the fumbles and interceptions are a bit out of hand. the fumbles especially, according to this game the NFL has a bunch of butter fingers in their league. Certai aspects were made better but it just feels like the same Madden. It would be like getting GTA and then just giving it a year, GTA 06, GTA 07 and jjust update the stores or streets, but same game, not very intriguing.

thereapersson4135d ago

If I want to play football, I rent these games. Same with any sports game, unless it's truly fun and sucks me in like the NBA Street or Hot Shots Golf games do.

Lacarious4135d ago

Those that don't believe in superficial hype know and understand Madden is the purest garbage in the gaming market.

PS360PCROCKS4135d ago

It's Madden what do you expect?

taz80804135d ago

i was expecting something more profound than prettier graphics and a roster update. the game relly is the same since 05 - 06. the halftime show is horrid. and i actually miss osm eof amddens dumb commentary, "and whap he got developed!"

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