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Japan Yearly Chart 2010

Japan Hardware:

DS - 1,745,951
PSP - 1,502,056
PS3 - 1,024,448
Wii - 1,009,253
360 - 159,274
PS2 - 65,492 (Nintendo DS, PS2, PS3, PSP, Wii, Xbox 360)

fr0sty  +   1797d ago
DS, business as usual
PSP, damn impressive vs. DS in japan.
Wii, on the decline
PS3, beating wii in japan, that says something
360, lol.
PS2, farewell.
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cayal  +   1797d ago
Sony must be loving the 65000 x whatever they make on the PS2 though.

865000 difference is why NPD is useless on its own.
Triella  +   1797d ago
Exactly since 360 has only sold 695K more than PS3 as of today in the US, it means that among those two regions PS3 has actually sold 170K more and you still have to add Europe to the mix which is largely a PS market.

This also the reason why VGC has little to no credibility when they widen the gap between 360 and PS3 week after week.
RageAgainstTheMShine  +   1796d ago
@ triella

totally agree with you there

FYI importers make up most of the sales in Japan to be sold to other Asian nations outside. 360 & Wii consoles are sold to 3rd world countries only to be modded. while Sony have legitimate and official Sony Stores in just about every major 3rd world city in Asia.

Latin America get their modded 360 & Wii from the USA.
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L-Teezy  +   1797d ago
of course.. ps3 is just beginning to mature. it was built with nothing but the future in mind. just look at all the bad ass updates we're getting, like 3-D games and Blu-ray. the games exclusive to ps3 only compete with themselves in terms in quality. more and more people are realizing where their $ should've been invested in the 1st place.
Mastodon  +   1797d ago
Yeah, because Japan is definitely a market place where American products do well. Aside from the obvious sales of Japanese systems dominating a place where they only want to see American money and not anything else from our fair nation, its good to see that Metal Gear, Persona, and other games have managed to make a firm impact for the PSP - oh not to mention that bevy of exclusive JP only RPGs that grace that system, VC2, and what have you.

I'm surprised that 360 managed to out sell PS2, I'm serious - I just don't see a real reason to buy a 360 if I'm Japanese - What does it offer exactly? I get 360 in America and Europe but not Japan.
moparful99  +   1797d ago
Psp dead? LOl yea thats the joke of the year.. Look at those numbers, and with the recent high profile launches of metal gear peace walker, kingdom hearts birth by sleep, and the highly anticipated release of ghost of sparta just around the corner I expect psp sales to get better in NA.. I just dont know why people expect sony platforms to sell over 100 million units to be considered a success.. Why is it that sony is the company the industry loves to hate?? What have they done to recieve this kind of treatment?? I have the utmost respect for sony and will continue to support them...
jellybalboa  +   1797d ago
i think people love to hate companies that are too successful
moparful99  +   1796d ago
Yea its that "underdog" mentality.. People feel the need to support the one least likely to succeed.. But it just irks me how people are soo quick to dismiss the company that we owe alot of our industries achievements too..
emil1  +   1797d ago
ps3 still cost 300$. that was ps2's launch price.
All_4_One  +   1797d ago
Yep, and it`s turning a profit for Sony and outselling the competition. It`ll probably stay at the price it`s currently at for a while now. I personally don`t see a price drop for at least another year. Rest assured though, when the PS3 hits $200 or lower, there will be no stopping it.
FiftyFourPointTwo  +   1797d ago
360 - 159,274
PS3 - 1,024,448

Indeed, Japan does not matter, says the 360 fanboys.
Mastodon  +   1797d ago
Of course it matters, just like Worldwide sales matter. Fanboys will be fanboys.
N4PS3Fanboys  +   1797d ago
It matters, but not to nearly the same extent as the other two main regions; the Americas and Europe. In Japan, the PS3 is currently selling the most, with the Wii second, and the 360 third. While worldwide, the 360 is selling the most, followed by the Wii, and then the PS3.
JoeReno  +   1797d ago
Really.. The 360 is outselling the Wii worldwide?

You have a link to back that up?
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bviperz  +   1797d ago
Probably basing numbers off VGChartz, which is inaccurate to say the least. Sony has already reached 38 million and is probably closer to 40 than most think. Yet VGChartz have them sitting at 37.7.
FiftyFourPointTwo  +   1797d ago

Ignore that guy. Trust me. I few weeks ago I pm'd him to provide a link to backup his claim and he didnt show me anything.
JoeReno  +   1797d ago

Hahahaha I hear you. I suppose I really shouldnt expect anything more from an account named n4ps3fanboys.
jellybalboa  +   1797d ago
am sorry the ps3 is kicking ass in europe even in the uae
n4gno  +   1797d ago
"While worldwide, the 360 is selling the most, followed by the Wii, and then the PS3. "

yeah, just the last 2 months, but before that, and sinch the launch, PS3 sold way better than 360 (4 millions more in 2009, 360 could never do that, in fact, ps3 is already catching again his real seat : first)
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dizzleK  +   1797d ago
Gotta take success where you find it I guess.
Argento-Nox  +   1797d ago
I'm more interested in seeing the future numbers for the PSP2 and 3DS. If the PSP2 is in the same price range as the 3DS, the future handheld battle will be quite interesting to watch indeed.

On topic, I think the current sales trend isn't a surprise since the Wii hasn't had a real noteable game since Super Mario Wii or Wii Resort to shift Wii's in a while, whereas the PS3 has some hardware shifters that appeal to the Japanese gamers; like WKC2 and future titles like GT5, FFXIV, FF Versus, Ni no Kuni and The Last Guardian.
Roonie  +   1797d ago
360 got trashed!
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