New Rock Band 3 info

Thanks to an interview, MTV GAMES has revealed new information about Pro DLC prices, about the price of the export of ROCKBAND 2 songs and about the release of THE SQUIER for RockBand 3.

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Myst2916d ago

Hmm the way this site says it I'm guessing the translation was trying to say it will be 5.00 more than the last export option (which was 15.00). Though if Harmonix wants to do it this time for just 5.00 that's fine with me!

arnoldocastillo20032916d ago

Uhm no dear Nuri the export key for Rock Band 1 will be $5 but the export key for Rockband 2 has not been disclosed yet

Myst2916d ago

Wait...So they are going to have two export keys? One for RB1 and then another for RB2? Why? Since RB1 songs should be on RB2 so only one export key should really be needed :/. Though it certainly is interesting.

SexyPrawns2916d ago

The export key is free if you pre-order at GameStop.

2916d ago
Irnbruguy2916d ago

Have to say.. Rock Band's setlist is meh compared to guitar hero for once.
Usuaully RB has a far better one.. but this time.. GH seems to have edged out in front

Sam Fisher2916d ago

this RB setlist is ok, theres like 3 songs i want to play out of all those

2916d ago