MMGN: Racket Sports Review

If you need to only choose one game for Move, Racket Sports should not be that game. It lacks the challenge and gameplay to make it fun, which is pretty much the number one thing any game needs to be of any value. All five racket sports feel the same, which is a major disappointment.

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kk13872974d ago

shame... i thought this had the potential to be good fun. :[

darkcharizard2974d ago

C'mon, move will experience the same failure Wii did initially.

n4gno2974d ago

Ridiculous, it's just a game, and not a good one, sport champion is way better (like tumble, heavyrain, re5, echochrome, etc)

and don't compare old tech with really good motion controler.

darkcharizard2974d ago

Wii Sports + Resort >>>> Sports Champions

Cratos87802971d ago

wii sports is a epic failure.

garos822974d ago

but flopped horrendously.

played the demo and was a steaming pile of poo. wii sports tennis was more accurate than this and more fun to play

jerryhu2974d ago

oh 3.5/10 is low. just looked at the screenshots, thought it was good

mcstorm2974d ago

What is going on with the Move games they are not getting that good of scores. Im sure comming up to xmas there will be some games out there that will make me want to buy move. But until then its back to my ds3 games.

Ju2974d ago (Edited 2974d ago )

Don't judge move based on this. This is a straight Wii port with fancy graphics. Nothing has improved over the Wii version. Can't say I played it. Played the demo, though. And it does not play anything like the other Move games I have. You have no control over what the ball is doing. No spin, no slice, not even proper direction control (or maybe I am just to stupid to figure it out). But no matter how I held the controller, the result was always the same.

Why o why2974d ago

stick to sports champion

jjesso19932974d ago Show
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The story is too old to be commented.