8 games you should buy this fall that aren’t LittleBigPlanet 2

Recently LittleBigPlanet 2 has been delayed for more polishing, and you won't get your hands on it until January. Not to fret, there will be plenty of other great games coming out this fall to hold you over until LittleBigPlanet 2.

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N4GAddict2797d ago

I personally can't wait for Kirby’s Epic Yarn

2797d ago
HSx92797d ago

i canceled my pre-order on LBP, and the reason it was delayed was for marketing purposes.

tinybigman2797d ago (Edited 2797d ago )

on that list Epic Mickey is the only game i want. LBP2 delay kinda helps me because i had 3 collectors edition preordered and thats $300. now i only have to come up with $200 for GT5 and AC:B

Rybakov2797d ago

why was there no castlevania or fable or star wars.....sigh but kirby seems pretty sweet

rdgneoz32797d ago

Yah, I'd add Castlevania to the list, looks like a great game.

probablefailure2797d ago

This list is about what WE want people to FOR SURE get. Sure, Castlevania looks cool, but if we'd want people to buy game day 1, it would be these games.

RatchetandClank2797d ago

Castlevania is day one for me. I cant wait!

Mastodon2797d ago

I applaud the list, and I really enjoyed seeing Super Scribblenauts up there first. Its funny how the gaming community pretty much freaks out when you don't mention graphics but gameplay design when discussing games. Its a very solid list, I'll definitely be getting all of them minus the DK - never liked Donkey Kong Country for some reason. Wish they'd remake Donkey Kong from the original Gameboy though.


I can't stop LOLing at your "what WE want people to buy", the "deserving games"... And who died and made you ruler of worthness anyway?

I decide what is worthy or not for me... Everyone does. A list on some random site (and one pathetically submitted here by it's own owner) have no say on what is a "deserving game" to be a day 1 buy.

Also, LBP2 is there only for get hits... This is basically a Wii/DS list, except by Enslaved and Fallout Vegas (both of which didn't even show anything "diserving", one colorful HS x Ucharted crossover that went bad and Fallout 3 again). Only people missing LBP2 are PS3 owners, how the hell are they supposed to surrogate it with Wii or DS games that hold no relation to LBP in anyway?

Even considering multiple console owners, where are the games everyone had been expecting? GT5, Fable 3, Castlevania, etc... Are all the people waiting for it wrong and you are right.

Grow a sense, not your ego. This list is just your opinion, don't matter how much you believe it's something more.

NewsForMe2797d ago

I am buying only one of those games. I'll give you a hint, it is the only one that doesn't fit in at all.

rdgneoz32797d ago

Fallout: New Vegas? I know I'm picking it up.

KingKiff2797d ago


I am sick to S#$% of these stupid top what the f$%^ ever articles all the time.

For f$%^ sakes people right something worthwhile or get another job, there are far to many wannabee journo's around

cayal2797d ago

It's probably not a job.

probablefailure2797d ago

It isn't. Writing about video game is really just a hobby for us.

probablefailure2797d ago (Edited 2797d ago )

We don't get paid for this... So, yes. The ads are just to pay off hosting costs.

KingKiff2797d ago

why anyone would right articles like this for a hobby is beyond me.

cayal2797d ago

based on your 'righting' skills I can see why.

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The story is too old to be commented.