Let Sleeping Spartans Lie

At the end of Halo 3, you sped on your trusty Warthogs through an imploding super structure and watched as the Master Chief made his typical, death-defying leap into a waiting escape ship. But this time something was different—this was the end of Master Chief’s saga. It could have ended with Master Chief returning to earth triumphant, but he never made it. Bungie decided to put humanity’s greatest warrior into cryostasis, forever to float in the void of space until, as John-117 famously says, “ need me.”

This is how Bungie left Master Chief, and this is how he should remain.

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Mista T2940d ago

I hope MC comes back, I like the, only Spartan ever left, against all odds feeling

Myst2940d ago

I think that's why I liked the ending of Reach a lot. The feeling of 1 vs insurmountable odds just made it interesting.

T9X692939d ago

Master Chief in someone else's hands besides Bungie, IMO is just not right. Bungie started the Halo games and made MC what he is today, so for 343 studios to take that role, just isn't right to me. Even though Reach is an amazing game and I love everything about it, I feel 343 should have made it and let Bungie deal with MC. That's just me though.

Eiffel2939d ago (Edited 2939d ago )

You do know 343 is comprised of mostly the main people from Bungie Studios who have been involved with the Halo franchise, right? Including the two main people who were behind Halo's creation from the very beginning.

I can't say I'm worried, it could have gone to a completely different studio with no past involvement, we got lucky honestly.

DarkBlood2940d ago

so hes like frozen then?

edhe2939d ago

Yes. Enforced hibernation, like he was in at the start of the first halo i believe.

Although having played Reach he really shouldn't have been napping at that point..

m232939d ago

He wasn't even on Reach. That was just an easter egg. He was on a mission with his team of spartans somewhere in space, while Reach was under attack. Correct me if I'm wrong.

Garrus_Vakarian2939d ago

No you're right, but Halo: Reach retcons(burns) about 2 and a half books worth of content, so for all we know that specific part of TFoR could be scrapped. It's a shame really. The story that the retcons were made for isn't even good.

catguykyou2939d ago

The re release of the Fall of Reach book has changes in it that explain any story holes from the game. That's what happens with stuff that is cannon. Sometimes it is updated and/or changed.

dizzleK2940d ago

On an artistic level, I love the ending. It's absolutely fitting and bittersweet.

As a fan, I want to see Master Chief kicking ass all over the universe.

I'm torn.

LeonSKennedy4Life2939d ago

The question is...

Would you rather them unthaw Master Chief or Walt Disney?

palaeomerus2939d ago

That's an urban legend. Walt Disney was cremated.

actual_gamer2939d ago

When Bungie were throwing around ideas for the next Halo game (just after 3) Halo 4 was gonna be the plan but then they decided to go with Reach because it allowed for something new.
I'd love a 4th but the only thing i'm having trouble with is who MC will be fighting??

Garrus_Vakarian2939d ago

The Covenant isn't completely gone. There are still other Prophets that still believe in the Great Journey, also not all of the Elites sided with the Arbiter, so there is plenty of enemies to fight. Truth's fleet is probably a small fraction of what's left of the Covenant. Though I do wonder where they could take the story. I'm not too worried though.

If all else fails we could all read fan-fiction about John and Cortana's relationship.(joke) >.<

catguykyou2939d ago

In the books, most recent collection of short stories, they have stories of events after 3 and while not all the elites have banned with the Arbiter the covenant is dead as a group. The war is over. Not to say that skirmishes aren't still present. Possibly go back to pre-covenant battles where outer colonies are fighting for their independence. Imagine these groups now cooperating with some of the covenant.

Now imagine MC having to fight against these people, maybe choosing to fight alongside them instead? Against his former allies. Would make a good story for sequels after Halo 3 story point.

Remember, the Spartans were originally created to help fight against these "terrorist". If it weren't for the war against the rebels, the human Military would not have been in the barely good enough state it was in to fight against the covenant.

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