GameSpot: Blade Kitten Review

GameSpot writes: "The adage about cats always landing on their feet doesn't ring true for Blade Kitten. At first glance, the game looks to have plenty of kitty grace, thanks to its spunky protagonist and pretty visuals. But this clumsy action platformer is often far too easy, and the action doesn't generate much excitement. Blade Kitten has some bright spots, but its bland gameplay and narrative shortcomings weigh it down, preventing this particular feline from leaping to any great heights".

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xino2975d ago

I tried the demo..not my game:/
feels like it's not fully completed.
It's best if it was a 2d side scroller Hack n Slash!

female gamers will play the game instead.

N4GAddict2975d ago

I was dissapointed by the demo as well

N4GAddict2975d ago

Damn. I thought it was going to be good.

DarkRayneRules2974d ago

Don't let the review put you off. Try it and be the judge yourself. :)

Myst2975d ago

Hmm in a way I could see this being a fair review. I mean one could look at the score as being the a divide of those who will buy the game and those who won't. I find the game to be fun, but I know others won't.

OneSneakyMofo2975d ago

I liked it as well. Enemies need to be a little tougher, but the overall platforming aspect of it all kept me satisfied. I'll buy it when it's $5 some day.

Myst2975d ago

Sounds about what some will do, or just wait until it gets all of the episodes bundled together or something heh.

Scotland-The-Brave2975d ago

I thought it was ok at best, definitely not my type of game.

2975d ago
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The story is too old to be commented.